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Data Services and Analytics

Data Services and Analytics

Organisations that are better at customer data collection and analysis are able to differentiate by creating a more personalised experience for their customers, and to generate revenue more effectively through more relevant direct marketing and promotions.

We can help you:
  • Collect existing customer data in a fit state to use by addressing data quality, data structure and the underlying processes for collecting and managing data.
  • Create a richer data set on customers through better data collection within your business and augmentation from third-party sources
  • Generate insights from your data that enable you to send more relevant promotions and offers to your customers.
Together with our data analytics partners, we offer a full range of data services, including personalisation strategy, data cleansing, analytics, augmentation and customer data management. Whether your challenge is to use existing data better, or to develop a whole new approach for customer data, we can help.

Our Data and Analytics expertise includes:
  • data cleansing
  • data optimisation
  • data acquisition and integration
  • single customer view
  • analytics and modelling
  • transactional data management
  • marketing rules and data management

Case Study: UWV

“The Xerox solution puts the right information in front of the right employees in seconds and, as a result, helps to speed up case-handling substantially.”
Frans Slingerland, Director, Purchasing & Facilities, UWV

UWV, the Netherlands' social security organization, used Xerox eFLOW software to recognize keywords and data in customer benefit claim forms and letters, and automatically route claims through the approvals process. This removed days, errors and costs from the process of paying benefits to citizens.

View UWV case study