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Language and Translation Services

Language and Translation Services

Improve quality and consistency of your local content with professional language and translation services, reduce turnaround times and deliver substantial cost savings. We do it through leading-edge technologies that enable us to manage the localisation process centrally, automate it, and implement translation memory to maximise content reuse.

Our language services include translation and transcreation, the management of the end-to-end localisation process, and a wide range of auxiliary services such as desktop publishing, audio and video voiceovers and e-learning packaging. Our software localisation services include configuring and testing the user interface, help files and support documentation.

We cover all sectors, but have particular strengths in technical documentation, product manuals and user guides for technology, manufacturing, software and communication companies as well as secure translations for the financial services sector.

Our Language Services expertise includes:
  • translation and transcreation
  • terminology management
  • translation memory
  • automated translation
  • secure translation
  • software localisation
  • multi-channel execution
  • audio and video voiceovers
  • e-learning packaging

Case Study: Communications technology company

“Xerox consistently produces high quality translations and hits deadlines. The Xerox team is responsive, available and delivers a fast turnaround.”--high-tech communications client

By adopting a common global process for translation and localization, a communications technology company improved brand consistency and translation quality. They also reduced costs 54% through better content reuse.