The return process is simple:
  1. Place the used cartridge in the bag of the new cartridge and seal the bag with tape.
  2. Package the used cartridge between the caps in the box of the new cartridge and seal the box with tape.
  3. Submit a Cartridge Return Label Request. The label(s) will be displayed on your screen.
  4. Print the label(s) on A4 paper (please use a laser printer) and fold the A4 double (A5). When printing multiple labels please ensure that you use single sided printing.
  5. Stick the paper on the box with tape with the return address showing up.
  6. Return the box free of charge by post.

Only authorized Xerox return labels will be accepted (distributed via Xerox or printed from the web). Customers may be charged for use of unauthorized return labels or returning items that are not within this recycling programme.

Thank you for your participation in the Green World Alliance Program!

This label is for use in UK