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Noriyuki Haga and Michel Fabrizio for Ducati Xerox at Magny-Cours, 2010

It's the final round of the 2010 World Superbike Championships and the final ever race for the Ducati Xerox team. Both riders are hoping to end the season on a high for the team and their fans in Magny-Cours. An eventful first qualifying session for Haga saw him crash out half way through the session... ...and unable to improve on a 1.39.0 lap time he set earlier in the session, resulting in a 6th place finish at the end of Qualifying 1. Fabrizio had a super first qualifying session, scoring consistently quick lap times and finishing the session in 2nd place with a time of 1.38.9.
Haga was hoping to perform a good lap in the Superpole to give him a strong starting position for Sundays races. Will Fabrizio be able to score a good lap time in the Superpole? Another action packed session for Haga in the Superpole resulted in two crashes for the Japanese rider... ...but he recovered well and grabbed 8th place on the grid for the races. The Superpole was a little more challenging for Fabrizio than the first qualifying session was...
...but he still managed to score a time of 1.38.0 and will start Race day from 5th position on the grid. The final day of the Superbike calendar is here. Magny-Cours also plays host to the final race for the Ducati Xerox team... ...with both Fabrizio and Haga on the second row of the grid for the last set of races. Fabrizio has a break before starting the final races of the season. Haga is hoping to score some good points for the Ducati Xerox team.
Fabrizio made a great start to Race 1, climbing up to 3rd within the first few laps... ...but was not able to sustain the pace and finished the race in 6th place. A fairly competent race for Haga, whilst not quite able to match the pace of the top riders, he completed Race 1 in 7th position. Another good start by Fabrizio in race 2 saw him fighting with other riders for the top positions early on in the race... ...however the pace of the other riders was slightly beyond Fabrizio, but a gutsy performance won him 3rd position and a place on the podium.
It was Fabrizio's 6th podium of the season, a great effort by the Italian. Haga climbed to 5th from the first few laps and rode a consistent race to finish in this position. Fabrizio's 3rd place finish means he amassed 198 points throughout the 2010 SBK season and finished 8th in the overall standings... ...whilst Haga was 2 places above, finishing the year in 6th position with 258 points. The Ducati Team scored 424 points and finished the manufacturers championships in 2nd position.

Noriyuki Haga and Michel Fabrizio for Ducati Xerox at Imola, 2010

Spirits are high as the Ducati Xerox Team arrive in Italy for their home race in the World SBK Championships. The first wet Superpole of the season meant tough conditions await for the Ducati Xerox riders on the Imola circuit. The first session of the Superpole was tough on both riders... ...with Fabrizio closing the session in 13th and Haga finishing in 11th, meaning both riders progressed to the second session. Conditions got worse for the second session of the Superpole, with Fabrizio suffering from a further lack of grip...
...therefore finishing the session in 10th place for the races on Sunday. Haga finishes the session in 15th place after coming into the garage early because of the terrible track conditions. It's race day at the penultimate round of the Superbike Championships in Imola... ...Fabrizio is looking forward to racing on his home track, as well as the teams home track Haga is looking to continue his good form after scoring victory in Race 2 in Germany.
Haga made an incredible start to Race 1, climbing up to 9th after lap one... ...he continued his way through the pack, reaching 4th position within the second half of the race. Haga eventually finished in a podium position, after a Leon Haslam error allowed him to reach 3rd place. Fabrizio suffered difficulty with the rear of the bike in Race 1, hampering his progress through the field... ...although a strong willed Fabrizio still managed to end the race in 7th position.
In Race 2, Fabrizio made a solid start to the race, climbing up to 5th position within the first few laps. However towards the end of the race, Fabrizio ran wide off track and lost his front, meaning he suffered a retirement from the race. Another fantastic start by Haga in Race 2 propelled him up to 4th place within the first ten laps... ...he continued overtaking the other riders, eventually finishing in 2nd position behind Carlos Checa. Haga will be hoping to continue his fine end of season form when the Ducati Xerox team heads to France for the final round of the Championships.

Noriyuki Haga and Michel Fabrizio for Ducati Xerox at Nürburgring, 2010

The break is over and both Ducati Xerox riders are looking forward to returning to the racing at the Nurburgring. Haga will be hoping to achieve further success at the Nurburgring, after winning both races back in 2008. Things didn't start too well for Fabrizio, as he suffered a crash midway through the first qualifying session... ...fortunately it was not serious, he was back on the track just minutes later and eventually finished 3rd at the end of the session with a time of 1m 55.7s. Haga also scored a good lap time of 1m 56.0s, achieving 5th position at the end of first qualifying session.
After achieving 3rd in first qualifying, Fabrizio took to the track for second qualifying hoping to score a strong position in the superpole... ...although things did not go as well for him this time, finishing the superpole in 9th position. Haga faired better in the superpole, ending the second session in the top 8 to put him through to the final superpole session... ...where he did 2 strong laps to start from 6th on the grid for tomorrows races. It's the day of the race at the Nurburgring, Fabrizio and track engineer Marco Lozej go through some tactics in preperation for the afternoons races.
Starting from the second row on the grid puts Haga in a fairly strong position for the races... Before the race he discusses tactics with team manager Ernesto Marinelli. Haga made a bright start to race 1, climbing to 2nd position within the first few laps... ...however damaged mufflers forced him into an early retirement from the race. Unfortunately, Fabrizio suffered 2 bad races, having to retire from race 1 with throttle damage and ending race 2 in 19th position with vibration and lack of grip.
The second race was much better for Haga, where a great start put him into 2nd place after the very first corner,... ...soon enough Haga overtook Checa and saw out the rest of the race to achieve victory in race 2. A fantastic ride from Nori Haga gave him his 43rd win of his professional Superbike career. Haga celebrates his second race victory of the season on the podium, where he was congratulated by team manager Ernesto Marinelli. Nori Haga stands on the podium in 1st place, achieving a further 25 points in the championship standings, taking his tally up to 202 points for the season with 2 races to go.

Noriyuki Haga and Michel Fabrizio for Ducati Xerox at Silverstone, 2010

Noriyuki Haga and Michel Fabrizio both took some time out to sign autographs for fans before racing weekend began on the new-look Silverstone track... ...both riders knew they could be in store for a tough weekend, but were in good spirits. Nori suffered problems with grip on day one, finishing with a time of 2m 06.8, which put him 12th. Michel faired better and managed to get 5th position, although his lap time matched the 2nd, 3rd and 4th placed riders. After putting in a good lap in first qualifying, Michel felt confident that he could achieve a good time in the Superpole...
...and so he did, Michel put in a time of 2m 05.0 and finished the day in 3rd position. Former Ducati champion Carl Fogarty congratulated Michel on his 3rd place. Unfortunately Nori continued to suffer with grip problems on his bike during the Superpole and could not match his team mates speed. Nori hoped for better results from the race after finishing Superpole in 15th position. It's race day, and Nori is hoping to end the weekend on a high after 2 disappointing lap times on the Friday and Saturday.
After finishing 3rd in the Superpole, Michel is looking forward to hopefully earning some championship points in the upcoming races. Michel goes through some tactics with track engineer Marco Lozej. Michel started race 1 well, holding onto his 3rd place position for the beginning of the race... ...however, after being passed on the 8th lap, Michel struggled to match the speed of the top 3 riders and his bike started to suffer with rear traction... ...despite the problem, Michel continued to give a solid race and finished with 4th position.
The difficult weekend continued for Nori, with the rear of his bike sliding all over the place in race 1. The Ducati rider suffered problems throughout the race and ended race 1 in 14th position. Before the second race, both riders made modifications to their bikes to improve the rear tyre wear, however the changes did not make a positive impact... ...with Michel making a pit-stop on lap 11 and then having to retire from the race on lap 14th. Nori slightly benefited from the modifications, but was still not comfortable and ended race 2 in 13th.

Noriyuki Haga and Michel Fabrizio for Ducati Xerox at Brno, 2010

After dominating the first day of Superbike action at the Czech circuit of Brno, Noriyuki Haga shares a few thoughts for the upcoming races. Superpole didn’t go as expected for Michel Fabrizio, but not to let this get him down, Fabrizio has high hopes for tomorrow’s Race. After yesterdays great result Haga pushes himself to repeat the performance at Superpole... ...unfortunately Nori loses the front of his bike and found himself on the ground. Day of the race, Fabrizio prepares himself, where he will be starting in seventh position.
Haga starts the race in fifteenth place, moving up to sixth in the first lap alone.  Fabrizio found himself caught up in traffic at the first corner and was in thirteenth position on the opening lap. Over the next five laps Fabrizio made a good recovery and moved up to eighth place. Unfortunately during the twelfth lap, Michel suffered a mechanical problem with the engine, finding he couldn’t change gear and had to retire to the garage. Haga maintained his position throughout the race, finishing Race 1 in sixth place.
After a disappointing Race 1, Fabrizio collects his thoughts and gets ready for Race 2... ...after some alterations to his Superbike, Michel is hoping for better results. Race 2 gets underway and Haga makes a strong start, making up nine positions in the first two laps of the race. Fabrizio also off to a good start increases up to third position by lap five. With Fabrizio in third, Xaus in fourth and Haga in fifth, the battle for the lead gets fierce.
Haga manages to increase his position up to fourth place after Xaus made a costly mistake on the fifteenth lap. Just behind Fabrizio, Haga did everything he could to hold onto fourth place... ...but two laps from the end Toseland got by, and the Japanese rider closed in fifth position. Fabrizio continued to push until the end of the race to ensure himself of a podium spot. After this ninth World Superbike round, Fabrizio claims his podium prize for third place.

Noriyuki Haga and Michel Fabrizio for Ducati Xerox at Misano, 2010

Michel Fabrizio entertains the crowd before his race... ...and takes a moment for some pictures. Not to be distracted, Fabrizio starts Race 1 strong, powering to fourth position after the first corner. Noriyuki Haga also started off well, finding himself in sixth position after the first corner. However Haga struggled to catch up with the leading group of five during the race.
Fabrizio had strong competition throughout the race, slipping down to fifth position but soon regaining back to fourth. Haga was finding himself having trouble with his bike, particularly on entry into the corners. In the final 24 laps Leon Haslam managed to pass Nori, leaving him to conclude Race 1 in seventh position. Fabrizio holding fourth position for most of the race, tries pushing for a third place finish... ...unfortunately Michel was unable to close the gap, concluding in fourth place.
The team work on the Ducati bikes before Race 2 while Michel and Nori go over race tactics. Noriyuki unfortunately lost a couple of positions at the start of Race 2. For Fabrizio the start of Race 2 was a copy of the first; fourth place after the first corner. Haga then made a small mistake during the fifth lap... ...which left him in thirteenth place
Haga improved his performance as the race went on and increased several positions. By the end of the sixth lap Fabrizio was leading the race but unfortunately this did not last when Haslam and Biaggi got passed him. Nori’s pace remained constant but he was unable to reach the frontrunners, closing the second race of the day in ninth position. Michel gritted his teeth and a final push ensured he crossed the line in third. Fabrizio is happy to be on the Misano podium in front of the Italian crowd.

Noriyuki Haga and Michel Fabrizio for Ducati Xerox at Salt Lake City, 2010

Fabrizio takes some time out, changing 2 wheels for 4. Michel Fabrizio chats tactics with Ernesto Marinelli. Fabrizio leaves the pits to take his place on the grid. Haga talks to his race engineer... ...before composing himself for the start of race 1.
After the first lap Fabrizio lost rear grip... ...causing him to take a tumble. Haga pushes to take 5th position... ...until lap 18 when he was able to take 4th. The team see that Checa's bike has problems, letting Haga take 3rd.
Podium at Salt Lake City is the first for Haga in 2 years at the track. Haga on the grid for the start of race 2 Fabrizio chills out with his music on grid. During the start, Haga's bike is touched, losing him valuable race positions. Fabrizio fends off a challenge from Smrz.
Michel holds onto 12th place. Noriyuki Haga holds off the pack for a 4th place finish in race 2 Fabrizio pushes from 12th finishing race 2 in 9th place.

Noriyuki Haga and Michel Fabrizio for Ducati Xerox at Kyalami, 2010

Michel Fabrizio takes time to visit the football stadium whilst in Kyalami...  ...and shows off some of his football skills. Michel Fabrizio gets off to a perfect start in Race 1, moving straight into the lead from 4th position. Noriyuki Haga also off to a good start, moved up from 16th to 12th position. Ahead of the pack, Fabrizio maintained a constant one second advantage over the other riders.
After about ten laps the lack of rear grip on Haga’s bike began to affect his lap times... ...causing him to lose the positions, which he had previously gained, on the final laps. Lap times inevitably began to increase during the final stages of the 24-lap race...  ...but nonetheless Michel carefully managed his advantage... ...crossing the line first, to take his first race win of the 2010 season.
Followed by Haga who crosses the line in 17th place. Michel takes time to meet some of the fans... ...and sign autographs. Noriyuki Haga is slightly disappointed with Race 1, but is hoping to improve in Race 2. Michel Fabrizio collects his thoughts for the next race and is hoping for another great success.
Nori watches on as his team works on his bike to improve the rear grip. Fabrizio starts off Race 2 strongly... ...and for the first eight laps he remained in fourth position. Haga also got off to a great start, with some very strong lap times during the race. Unfortunately for Michel, an unexpected loss of grip subsequently prevented him from pushing forward...
...concluding the race in 8th place. Although he continued to improve throughout the race, there was too much to make up from sixteenth on the grid... ...and Haga crossed the line in 10th place. Michel Fabrizio celebrates on the podium. Michel now moves up a position in the overall standings, making him 8th in the SBK championship.
Michel Fabrizio is happy with his Race 1 victory along with his team mates.

Noriyuki Haga and Michel Fabrizio for Ducati Xerox at Monza, 2010

Michel Fabrizio prepares for the race with some virtual practice. Noriyuki Haga starts Race 1 in 16th position and quickly increases up to 11th place. During the second half of Race 1, Haga battles with Suzuki rider Guintolu, moving back and forth between 10th and 11th place. After a good result from Superpole, Michel Fabrizio starts the race from 3rd position. Unfortunately the two Yamahas got past Michel in the first couple of laps.
Fabrizio held 6th position until the very last corner of the final lap when Xaus on the BMW sneaked past. Guintolu managed to regain the advantage to take 10th position ahead of Noriyuki who crossed the line in 11th place. Marco Frigerio analyses Nori’s bike performance from Race 1, hoping to make improvements for Race 2. The team work on Nori’s bike ready for the next race. Michel Fabrizio takes a break after the race to re-charge for Race 2.
Haga got off to a great start in Race 2, climbing from 16th place to 7th. However, Fabrizio didn’t have such a great start... ...following a crash between Toseland, Rea and Xaus, Michel ran off the track, causing a bike malfunction with the electronic gear shifter. Fabrizio tried to ride around the gearing problem but found himself in difficulty... ...and at the start of the second lap he slipped, losing the rear of his 1198.
Noriyuki meanwhile battled for 6th position against Sykes on the Kawasaki. Michel Fabrizio was unable to rejoin the race after slipping out but is happy to take home some valuable points from today. Haga pushes hard to get past Skyes... ...but unfortunately lost out to the Englishman in the final stages. The crowd show their support for our Ducati Xerox riders.
After a crash for Crutchlow, Noriyuki Haga managed to increase his position at the end of the race... ...meaning Haga eventually concluded the race in sixth place. Noriyuki Haga is happy with 6th position after the tough racing weekend.

Noriyuki Haga and Michel Fabrizio for Ducati Xerox at Assen, 2010

Ducati Xerox Team at the TT Circuit of Assen. The Xerox truck which helps the team move from place to place. Race 1 got off to a slow start for the riders, Michel and Nori found themselves moving back and forth between 13th and 16th position. Michel Fabrizio managed to gain a few positions during the race... ...but was finding it difficult to catch up to the leader of the race.
Haga knows he has to push hard to gain positions after the slow start. Nori managed to move up to 10th position... ...which he sustained until the finish line. Shortly followed by Fabrizio in 14th position. Haga pulls into the pit lane, hoping that Race 2 will bring better results.
Michel goes over his Race 1 performance with track engineer Marco Lozej. Changes are made to the superbikes for Race 2. The team go over tactics for Race 2 at Assen. Nori in the pits, getting ready for the next race... ...along with team mate Michel.
Race 2 gets underway, both riders are hoping to improve their positions from Race 1. Haga goes wide on the first corner... attempt to pass the riders in front. Fabrizio got off to a good start, looking strong in the first half. Fabrizio was able to make up a few positions.
During the first couple of laps, Nori starts to feel strong vibrations from the engine of his 1198. Realising he has engine problems, with the vibrations getting worse... ...Nori is forced to return to the box, due to technical problems. Haga watches Fabrizio’s progress from the sideline. Unfortunately, Michel suffered from a sudden drop in the performance of the rear tyre, causing him to drop positions in the second half of the race.
Determined to finish the race, Michel crossed the finish line in 12th position.

Noriyuki Haga and Michel Fabrizio for Ducati Xerox at Valencia, 2010

Haga prepares for Round 3 and runs though his tactics for the race ahead. Starting from 10th position Fabrizio knows hes got to push hard here at Valencia for a good result. During the start of the race Fabrizio got caught up in traffic... ...along with team mate Haga, causing a slow start. Fabrizio rides strongly after the slow start.
Not to be left behind from the start, Nori made up 1.4 second in the first four laps. Michel made up a couple of positions in the 5th lap... ...unfortunatly Michel lost grip of his front tyre during braking and crashed. Haga increases his lead on the final corner... ...however on the final straight Haga is overtook...
...resulting in Haga finishing in 5th place. Haga celebrates his Race 1 finish. After his fall in Race 1, Fabrizio hopes Race 2 will give better results. Making a couple of adjustments to his bike, Nori hopes to improve his result in Race 2. After just three laps of Race 2, a red flag occurred after a serious crash involving the Suzuki and Honda riders.
Heat 2 of the race, Fabrizio unfortunately loses a few positions at the start. On the other hand Haga makes an excellent start, increasing his position to 3rd place. After the disappointing start, Michel rides well and regains his positions which he had lost. Haga racing progressed, improving his position from 3rd to 1st by the 12th lap. During the second race, Fabrizio was having problems with the front brakes on his bike...
...causing him to return to the garages. Keeping his lead Haga crossed the line 0.806 of a second ahead of Biaggi in Heat 2. Happy with the win Haga celebrates his victory. Claiming his well earned trophy, Haga is in high spirits after Round 3 at Valencia.

Noriyuki Haga and Michel Fabrizio for Ducati Xerox at Portimão, 2010

Haga and Fabrizio pose for the camera before the race begins. And also take time to sign some posters for the Ducati fans. Nearly race time, the guys give each other some words of encouragement. Race 1 got off to a good start for Haga, rocketing from eighteenth to ninth position straight off the line. 
Unfortunatly Michel made a couple of mistakes, leaving him in eleventh place. Fabrizio gives the media feedback on his performance and his expectations for Race 2. In Race 2, the Ducati Xerox pair made a carbon copy of the Race 1 start. Fabrizio made up five positions within the first three laps, increasing his position to eleventh place. Haga sat in ninth position, struggling to catch up to Guintoli
Nori is closely followed by Michel. Both riders were experiencing lack of tyre grip which affected their racing throughout the weekend. But they still pushed hard to earn as many points as possible. Nori closed the gap on Guintoli, getting past Corser in the process. Although Michel held eleventh position from lap 8...
...he lost a little ground to Nori in the final laps. Just like Race 1, Haga takes eighth position overall.

Noriyuki Haga and Michel Fabrizio for Ducati Xerox at Phillip Island, 2010

The 2010 World Superbike riders Noriyuki Haga and Michel Fabrizio sign some posters before race at Phillip Island Fabrizio is off to a good start in the first race at Phillip Island Along with Haga who made up several positions in the first corners of the track, rocketing from 10th to 3rd position Michel Fabrizio was undoubtedly one of the protagonists of todays race...
...putting in a strong and consistent performance Right from the second lap the gap between the leaders, Haslam, Fabrizio and Haga, and the chasing pack, began to increase And by mid-race the top three had built a five second advantage over fourth placed Rea The final charge to the finish line led to a photofinish, Fabrizio was just 0.004 of a second behind Haslam, the closest ever finish in Superbike history Happy with Race 1, Fabrizio celebrates second place
The Ducati Team make improvements to Haga's bike ready for Race 2 Comfortable with his bike from Race 1, Fabrizio is ready for the next Race The team have had a very successful first race, with both Haga and Fabrizio making the podium The Superbike riders relax away from the track... ...and take in the views of Phillip Island
Race 2 begins, with high hopes for the Ducati Xerox Team Fabrizio is off to a strong start, without making any changes to his bike from Race 1 Shortly followed by Haga, who is still suffering after an earlier crash in practice Just like Race 1, Haslam, Fabrizio and Haga take the lead of this race Team mates work together to try and fight for the lead
Both are looking strong and push each other throughout the race Fabrizio crosses the line in 3rd place... ...with Nori Haga claiming 5th Fabrizio celebrates on the podium at Phillip Island Leon Haslam's race engineer gets sprayed as Michel Fabrizio and Nori Haga celebrate their podium finishes.

Noriyuki Haga and Michel Fabrizio Testing for the Ducati Xerox Team in Portimão, 2010

Michel Fabrizio begins the testing in Portimão Along with team mate Noriyuki Haga New bike design for the 2010 season Fabrizio looking comfortable around the track Shortly followed by Haga
Fabrizio pushing hard in preperation for the race Michel Fabrizio and Noriyuki Haga in Portimão Both Fabrizio and Haga riding tight as they continue the testing Haga on the inside line of Fabrizio Fabrizio keeping close behind Haga
Fabrizio's looking strong in the testing for Portimão Along with Haga Fabrizio enjoys the final stages of the testing