Xerox and Ducati Values

Xerox and Ducati Values

Innovation is a value that lies at the heart of both the Ducati and the Xerox brands. Each company grew around innovative technologies and products that brought new ways of living and working to our customers.

Ducati has its unique Desmodromic system for controlling valve motion in their engines, allowing for more efficiency and higher engine revs. Xerox has a long history of innovation which includes printer ’engine’ technologies. An example of this is Xerox’s solid ink printing, used for clean, green, easy to use and affordable printing.

Whether in business or on the track, team-work is a key driver of success. Individuals are at their most effective and productive when they work together as a team, sharing ideas and learning from each other’s expertise.

While Ducati Xerox riders always attribute success to their pit crews, we too are dedicated to working alongside you to find the right answers for you and your business, every time.

Ducati and Xerox - Ready For Real Business
To stay ahead in business, both Ducati and Xerox know how important it is that the technology, software and work processes that drive their organisations are operating as effectively and efficiently as possible.

While Xerox creates technology and services that enable businesses to produce and manage documents more efficiently and effectively, Ducati understand that their technology and innovation lie at the very heart of their business success.

With unique technology at the heart of both brands, Ducati and Xerox are ready to take on the world of real business.

Xerox Solid ink

Xerox Inkbots

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Do you know what this is?

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