Xerox Services Manager

Centralized asset, supplies, and incident management and tracking

Xerox Services Manager is a web-based application that provides a single point of management for your enterprise's output devices, supplies, and service-related incidents to help you manage costs and increase device and user productivity.

Xerox Services Manager provides centralized asset, supply and incident management.

Key Benefits
  • Single point of management for local and networked devices (regardless of manufacturer), including a central collection point for meter data, providing a complete view of the enterprise.
  • Automated supply tracking and reordering capability enables end-to-end supply and just-in-time inventory management through continuous device monitoring.
  • Down time is minimized with faster problem response and issue resolution through automated alert features, resulting in greater customer satisfaction.
  • Costs are optimized through a centralized approach and enterprise-level view of your printing environment.
  • Seamless integration with your infrastructure, our software applications, and many 3rd party solutions to optimize assets and improve end-user productivity and satisfaction.

Single Point of Asset Management
Xerox Services Manager tracks a rich set of built-in and configurable asset fields including asset ownership, financial, budget center, and location information. Built-in and custom groups allow you to define a set of assets based on location, model, managed versus unmanaged, in-scope versus out-of-scope, and other asset attributes.

Xerox Services Manager acts as a single collection point for all meters including meters that automatically import data from Xerox device management applications, non-networked meters and meter submissions via the Xerox Services Portal.

Virtual meters using job tracking software and estimates are also supported. Expanded meter support lets users track output usage by color and/or monochrome page, large-size page, and two-sided page counts, and enables the opportunity to bill separately based on different output usage.

Meter validation provides an at-a-glance view of missing meter reads, suspect raw meters (lower or higher than normal volume), invalid meter reads, and missing invoices.

Meter reads and credits are captured in a centralized area to speed up invoice development.

Automated Supplies Management
Xerox Services Manager tracks supplies inventory movement across the enterprise. It is possible to track all supply locations using supply cabinets (viewing the quantity on hand at each location) and have email alerts sent to supply coordinators when inventories go above or below a configurable threshold.

Supplies incident generation for "just-in-time" supplies reordering enables tracking of asset-related costs, provides measurement against Service Level Agreements, and facilitates tracking of uncontrolled supply re-order activities.

Automated supplies management and reordering ensure devices are stocked and readily available with minimal attention from IT staff.

Fast and Efficient Problem Resolution
Through an intuitive, web-based user interface, Xerox Services Manager provides the ability for our services team to remotely track and manage all service- and supplies-related incidents from a single location. Our flexible configuration allows the Help Desk to design and manage incident submission templates that increase efficiency and ensure all data is collected for Service Level Agreement tracking and metric reporting.

The appropriate resources are dispatched faster because incidents are generated automatically based on rules-driven, real-time device alerts or submission online by end users via Xerox Services Portal.

Xerox Services Manager has a rich collection of settings for both incident and user setup, enabling a solution that precisely meets your organizational requirements. This includes the ability to create custom properties for incidents and create rules for automatically opening incidents.

Flexible configuration allows Xerox Services Manager to be tailored for unique requirements.
  • Administrators define what services are provided and create projects defining multiple tasks associated with the service.
  • Timers can be employed to monitor and report on time-based performance measures.
  • Automatic email notifications are triggered when incidents are created, status updated, and closed.
  • Rule-based escalations and issue notifications provide advance warning when incidents are at risk of exceeding Service Level Agreements.

    Remote alert rules can be created to automatically create new incidents and send out alerts.
Intelligent Dispatch
Intelligent dispatch means that Xerox Services Manager ensures the right people are notified about a specific problem as soon as (or even before) a user notices the issue. For example, if a printer is running low on toner, an email is sent to a pre-defined group of people or an incident is automatically created. If it is a technical problem, a technician and account manager are alerted.

Incident and activity history provide a window into the problem history of the asset and all steps taken to resolve the incident.

Tracking for Cost and Usage Optimization
Xerox Services Manager tracks overall incident, labor and cost item, monthly asset, and operational cost per copy charges through a single network printer management application and cost-accrued process. This enables auditing and fact-based decision-making capabilities for reducing printing costs and optimizing your output environment.

When integrated with Xerox Job Ticket, Xerox Services Manager maps usage volume to specific budget centers and provides built-in job validation groups, such as unusual volumes, jobs with users not assigned to a budget center, and invalid jobs.

Seamless Integration
Xerox is uniquely positioned to integrate with your existing infrastructure, automate key tasks, and synchronize data across systems to meet the exact needs of your organization. This integration:
  • Enables bi-directional integration between Xerox Services Manager and existing client help desk systems
  • Provides real-time processing of incident and incident event modifications
  • Allows creation and updating of incidents, customers, and incident events
  • Enables consolidated reporting with Xerox Report Manager