EOMS™ Z-Services (also known as XPAF)

EOMS Z-Services (also known as XPAF) is Xerox's flagship z-Series software solution.

Z-Services provide a single, unified interface for:

  • Printer resource management
  • Data stream conversion and formatting
  • Job accounting
  • Remote and local printer access
Z-Services enable the printing of high resolution, personalised documents that combine variable text and full colour graphics, as well as precision forms, fonts and logos. Z-Services also support AFP, LCDS (DJDE), XES, line mode and Xerox-formatted data streams on a wide spectrum of feature-rich, local and remote Xerox Intelligent Laser Printing systems. Print data is taken directly from the JES spool, modified if necessary, then sent directly to the printer of choice: it's that simple. Users can even send jobs to disk or tape for subsequent offline printing.

With Z-Services, customers can send any document to any Xerox printer within the enterprise, resulting in improved site flexibility, productivity and investment protection.

Transparent Data Conversion
Provides comprehensive data conversion in order to transport documents to Xerox production and departmental printing systems. All conversions are performed without operator intervention or modification to the application.

Host-based Printer Resource Management
Enables co-ordinated management and distribution of Xerox and IBM printer resources throughout the enterprise. This provides the ultimate in security for sensitive resources and eliminates labour intensive file transfers between printers. Users can store resources centrally at the host as well as on the printer.

Connectivity Solutions
Provides an array of solutions, such as Bus & Tag channel, TCP/IP and SNA, to integrate the entire printing Enterprise. These solutions enable a rapid response to an ever-changing environment.

Document Formatting via Extended JCL
Provides extensions to the standard IBM JCL facility and offers greater formatting and document control capability, without touching the application.

Formatting Made Easy: Xerox Page Formats
Includes Xerox Page Formats that enable users to incorporate highlight colour forms, fonts, logos and graphic images into the document, all external to the application.

Conditional Document Formatting
Enables users to analyse any field in the data stream and to change the way the document is printed in real time, providing the ultimate in personalisation and efficiency. Billings, mailings, and other applications are greatly simplified.

Improved Accounting
Generates SMF Type 6 records to deliver extensive job accounting and data tracking for use by host applications. Enhanced accounting capabilities let you analyse resource information, simplex or duplex, and physical or logical page count.

Consistent Operability
Means that Z-Services run as a Functional Subsystem (FSS) using the IBM-defined Functional Subsystem Interface (FSI) to communicate with JES. Operators use the same JES commands to control Z-Services-defined printers as the existing JES printers. Additional query commands provide greater system access and control. Checkpoint restart capability gives operators simple and complete job recovery.

Any Page to Any Xerox Printer
Enterprise-wide Document Portability with TCP/IP connectivity and PCL transform let you print your AFP, LCDS (DJDE), XES, line mode and Page Formatted data streams to a wide range of Xerox printers anywhere in the world.

Add Value to Your AFP Investment
Maximise your investment in IBM Advanced Function Printing software. Because Z-Services is a system-level print manager, users gain the following benefits without impact to the Print Service Facility (PSF):
  • Print AFP documents at remote locations
  • Exploit Xerox printer features including multiple paper trays, full colour and in-line stapling
  • Improve IBM graphics resolution from 240 dpi to 300 dpi
  • Operating System: IBM OS/390 V2.0 or higher; IBM TCP/IP for MVS 3.2 or higher
  • Supported Devices: DocuPrint LPS Family, DocuSP Family (61xx, DT/DP65, etc.), DocuPrint N Series (N24/N32/N40), DocuPrint NPS Family (including 92C), DP180 EPS, VIPP-enabled printers, Tektronix Phaser printers, Document Centre 265/255LP, DocuColor C55