People are raving about inkjet—with good reason. Learn how Xerox inkjet can help {{xmp.r.CompanyName}}. your print operation.

Production inkjet presses, including Xerox® Trivor®, Rialto® and Brenva®, make inkjet printing accessible and affordable, without compromising quality. Our customers are astounded by the advancements they’re able to make in workflow, productivity and profitability – and thrilled with the new opportunities opening up in direct mail printing.

Hear real-world feedback about Xerox® production inkjet presses and see for yourself what opportunities lie ahead for you.

Delivering brilliant colour and high speed

“We wanted to print on standard offset coated stock, with offset quality and volume but with all the benefits of production inkjet. So far High Fusion Ink and the Trivor® 2400 are meeting our expectations – delivering brilliant colour, high speed and the savings from using standard offset coated stocks without the need for any pre or post treatment.”

Thierry Ngoma, Plant Manager
Vprint (Belguim)

Saving REAL money

"CompuMail produced over 100 million statements over the past year and with our recent growth produced over 23 million statements in January and February alone. Installing the first of our two planned Trivor® presses allowed us to increase capacity, insure quality prints and reduce our printing costs. Real money! We're adding new workflows continuously to move mail from our existing toner devices to maximise this press and allow for a seamless integration in installing our second Trivor in May. We have been very pleased with the attention Xerox's entire team has shown to our business and success. A true partnership."

Andrew Morrell, President/COO
CompuMail (Concord, CA)