Xerox® Production Inkjet Support: A partnership that ensures you and {{xmp.r.CompanyName}} are you're set up for success.

Can a team that has your back also help you grow?

Moving to a new technology is never easy. There are often unknowns. You may even need to change your workflow and business model. But the opportunities you gain are well worth the risks. Especially, when you have a dedicated team to help mitigate those risks. That’s why, along with evolving inkjet technology, we’ve evolved the inkjet service support model into a partnership focused on our customers’ success at every stage of their transformation journey. That means providing you with a dedicated point of contact who understands your unique operation and can ensure a focused, streamlined response to any issue that may arise today — as well as the right level of support as your needs evolve tomorrow.

Failure is not an option.

From planning and install to training, migration, ramp-up and ongoing support, we are here to get you to productivity, profitability and growth. Each install we do is customised to meet specific application, workflow and business requirements. Our ramp-up to the production process ensures you get up and running as efficiently as possible with a dedicated project manager whose role is to coordinate all elements. Your project manager will stay engaged for a few weeks after installation to ensure stability of your solution, your operators’ proficiency progression up the learning curve and ramp-up of your volume to full production capabilities.

Xerox support team responsibilities include:

  • Owning the on-site relationship and production inkjet site processes
  • Understanding your workflow and environment
  • Participating in your production meetings
  • Acting as the liaison between you and the Xerox engineering and service groups
  • Ensuring transfer of technical information as well as local technical proficiency to maximise uptime
  • Delivering on expectations with no surprises

Escalation process with fast pass resolution.

We provide remote support and diagnostics to reduce downtime and ensure you get back up and running quickly when an issue does occur. Our experts are on call to provide personalised support and can determine the need for additional on-site or engineering support. If additional support is needed, the correct engineering and technical support resources are coordinated on your behalf, all dedicated to getting you back on track with unprecedented efficiency. Because your support team consists of subject matter experts steeped in production inkjet experience and knowledge, you get the right support to maximise uptime and ensure production keeps flowing.

Innovation, flexibility, reliability.

Our inkjet portfolio is known around the world for innovation, flexibility and reliability. We’re here to help you capitalise on opportunities for growth and business development today and tomorrow. Our goal is twofold: To reimagine what’s possible with inkjet, and to reimagine what’s possible for you. Our production inkjet solutions utilise the same vast network of in-field support specialists that have provided years of reliable customer support. We are ready to support high-speed inkjet systems in remote locations — with the help of our local partners and their highly trained engineers supported by Xerox experts. We’re heavily invested in making the Xerox® Inkjet experience as seamless as possible wherever you are. Our success is dependent upon your success.

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