People are raving about inkjet—for good reason. Learn how Xerox inkjet can help {{xmp.r.CompanyName}}. your company.

Production inkjet presses, including Xerox® Trivor®, Rialto® and Brenva®, make inkjet printing accessible and affordable, without compromising quality. Our customers are astounded by the advancements they’re able to make in workflow, productivity and profitability – and thrilled with the new opportunities opening up in transactional printing.

Hear real-world feedback about Xerox® production inkjet presses and see for yourself what opportunities lie ahead for you.

Driving Costs Out, Bringing Value In

“With inkjet, we can take full advantage of both sides of the page for full-colour personalisation. This required change to our whole workflow – from data and design to production. We thought that change would take 1 to 1.5 years, but with Rialto it took less than 3 months. Rialto addressed all of our challenges while opening up new opportunities to be more profitable, efficient and flexible!”

Markus Buchroithner, Managing Director
Smart Letter and Services Versand GmbH (Innsbruck, Austria)

Our Greatest Addition

“Customers trust us to deliver millions of their time-critical transactional documents. Our presses generate documents daily that must be dispatched the same day, so reliability is everything. Our clients also need more bespoke paper options to meet environmental and marketing needs. The Brenva helps us consistently deliver and is a great addition to our inkjet family of presses.”

Robert Hoon, Managing Director
Datagraphic Limited (Rugby, Warwickshire)