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Meet the Colour Press Colourful Heroes

Real-World Feedback on the Xerox Colour 800i/1000i Presses

Performance, Flexibility and Speciality Enhancements

Choosing a digital colour press is an important investment and decision for your organisation.

There are many factors to consider, including application needs, print quality, substrate requirements, average and peak print volumes, and budget.

To help you make an informed decision, we asked print providers to share their opinions, experiences and reviews on the Xerox® Colour 800i/1000i Presses. Here’s what they had to say.

Better-than-offset quality

“We’re in the business of making people look at real history and go, “Cool!” Our latest project involved creating an Educator’s Kit to accompany a film we produced on a WWII hero. Part of that kit was creating cut-out WWII airplanes that could be easily put together and flown. This press offered economy of scale and better-than-offset quality that allowed us to make thousands of people say COOL!” John Mollison Producer “Old Guys and Their Airplanes” Learn about John’s latest project

Growing alongside Xerox

“Thanks to the Xerox 1000i Digital Press we have increased our production and printing volume. Its high speed allows us to create campaigns in just a few hours; we do not need further knowledge for it to work in a continuous manner and with immediate processes. We hope that FullServices continues growing alongside Xerox.” Verónica Salguero General Manager FullServices (Quito, Ecuador)

The next generation of digital colour

“The Xerox Colour 800i Press is allowing us to be more creative and grow by offering something you can’t buy anywhere else in the area. Our new tag line is, “Next Generation of Digital Colour,” as I see metallic dry ink as the next generation, driving big growth.” Janet Head Managing Director Orchard Print Services (Daventry, United Kingdom) Read the case study

More quality and new type of media options

“With our Xerox Color 1000i Press we are able to produce better quality photo albums and we get better performance in production. The press doesn’t lose production speed and it’s capable of working on a lot of media types. In the future, we’d like to have a new Xerox press to explore the 5th color.” Paulo Câmara Director Photoalbum Universal (Ribeirão Preto, Brazil)

Delivering top quality

"Relied upon as superheroes in the production of custom invitations and announcements, Envelopments wanted a press that could handle our wide range of card stocks, tie into our systems for automated production and, above all, deliver top quality. The Xerox Color 1000i is our 'Prints Charming.”

Mark Smith Co-Founder and President Envelopments (Santa Ana, California)

Our customers are blown away

“Xerox has the best dry ink color gamut in the market. That, paired with the reliability of the products and the excellent support, made our decision to upgrade to the 1000i easy, making it our fourth Xerox press in the last 10 years. Adding the fifth color station with clear, gold and silver is giving us a major market advantage.” Chris Hill Design Director Printery (Greensboro, North Carolina)

Growing our business

“One of our largest clients uses silver metallic in their branding, so they were thrilled with our new Color Press 1000i and what it can offer. We even won an award working with this client through the use of silver ink in a unique way on an invitation shell. The addition of the metallic inks will definitely help us grow our business and gain new clientele.” Jenny Paige CEO Media Well Done, Inc. (Valencia, California)

This press is the perfect fit

“Due to the growth of our organization we decided to buy the Xerox Color 1000i Press because it has the best registration and accuracy in the definition and homogeneity of color. This professional solution is what our company has been needing for quite some time. On a production level, this press adapts to all printing volumes and fits in perfectly with our clients’ needs.” Fausto Pérez General Manager Impresiones Colores (Quito, Ecuador)

Experience the “Wow” Factor

Meet the world’s first inline, six-colour digital platform that delivers breathtaking image quality, jaw-dropping spot embellishments and stunning metallic hues — in a single pass.