Rewriting the Book on Publishing

By lessening risk, speeding time-to-market, reducing waste and lowering fixed costs, digital printing is revolutionising the entire book publishing supply chain.

For publishers and book printers alike, the  widespread adoption of digital printing has been slowed by its limitations on quality, speed, flexibility and affordability.

But high-speed production inkjet systems are now changing that—solidifying digital print platforms as essential to the success of all involved.

Key Stats and Opportunities

4 Ways To Seize the Opportunity:

  1. Evaluate production inkjet technologies to optimise inventory management and improve economics.
  2. Educate your existing publishing customers first, then scale the solution to others.
  3. Consider finishing solutions — which are integral, often overlooked, technologies
  4. Automate your current workflow to lower per-unit costs and catch publishers’ attention.

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Conversation Starters:

Here are some conversation starters to convey the value you can bring to your clients’ business.

  • We can optimise your print management for local demand, shortening time-to-market and lowering distribution costs.”
  • “Let’s drive to a zero-inventory model so your profitability isn’t hinged to accurately forecasting demand.”
  • “We’ll analyse your entire supply chain — because there’s more to the equation than just unit costs.”

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