Xerox® Iridesse™ Production Press: Instant Print West One Customer Video

Mary Roddy, Xerox global product marketing manager, visits Instant Print West One in London to see all the ways they use their Xerox® Iridesse™ Production Press. Watch the video to truly understand how the Iridesse unleashes their business potential.


Glen Robins, Instant Print managing director, shares his excitement about the Iridesse Production Press’s fantastic capabilities and amazing functions. He says his customers are delighted with the press’s low gloss, smooth gradients, metallic and iridescent options — which produce effects that would only have been possible with foils before — but far faster and less expensively.

Robins has been in the print trade for about 35 years, and he says he’s never seen anything like the Iridesse Production Press. Watch the video to see why.


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