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Xerox® FreeFlow® Digital Publisher

This product is no longer available.


FreeFlow® Digital Publisher is a digital publishing software solution that allows you to provide both print and mobile/online communications simultaneously using a single unified workflow. With two new Cloud configurations to choose from, you can now lower your startup costs, speed up deployment and quickly begin generating new revenue from multi-channel services.

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Key Features

FreeFlow Digital Publisher

  • Utilises the prepress automation workflow software FreeFlow® Core to prepare jobs in a single workflow:
    • Automatically prepare and route the optimised file for print to your Xerox digital press
    • At the same time, digitally optimised versions can be distributed to a broader audience through today's digital media, such as Web browsers and mobile apps that can be downloaded from Apple iTunes Store, Google Play or the Amazon App Store
  • Receive an input PDF from your customer – along with essential digital assets such as video files – and the software automatically prepares the job with pre-flight and other file optimisation steps for print and digital delivery.
  • Manage each publication with an included dashboard – manipulate placement of rich media, restrict access, manage email subscriptions and push notifications, and much more.
  • Essential analytics are included to provide your customers with insight to readership, open rate reports, app tracking data, clicks by platform and much more – helping them to improve content while providing you with revenue opportunities.

FreeFlow Digital Publisher Cloud Configurations

  • The Cloud configuration works the same as the On-premise version, but leverages FreeFlow Core Cloud, so you can offer multi-channel communications more quickly and avoid the upfront investment to buy server hardware, install software and engage expensive IT support
  • The ePublishing configuration also leverages FreeFlow Core Cloud, getting you in the game publishing digital and mobile content, without changing your existing print production workflow

Additional FreeFlow Digital Publisher Output Options

  • Mobile Course Packs are an electronic equivalent to the hard copy course pack, but bring the advantages of electronic distribution, accessibility on multiple devices and ease of access for students
  • Custom Storefront is a new way of presenting mobile content in mobile apps and browsers. Using Custom Storefront, content owners can direct readers to featured content, arrange documents and videos using folders, and monetize their content with banner ads.

Your Challenges

Only a small number of content owners can deliver digital communications that are optimised for the many forms of mobile consumption. This translates to missed opportunities for many to reach their customers through these popular channels. To publish to these channels, content needs to be adjusted and optimised for a multitude of formats and sizes. That takes technical expertise and diverse work processes.

Key Challenges

  • No matter where you look, people are consuming information – and they are doing it using the devices of choice – smart phones, tablets, and laptops
  • Without the right tools, creating and serving digital content is a time-consuming, costly prospect
  • Dedicated platforms to host the content are expensive
  • Connecting front end systems, back end operations and IT infrastructure is a daunting task

How Xerox Can Help

FreeFlow® Digital Publisher lets your customers deliver their documents to a broader audience using today's new mainstream means of communication – such as web browsers, mobile apps downloaded from iTunes and Google Play, and links to content sent via social media.

It enables you to generate new business by helping your customers dramatically enhance their documents – creating an interactive, dynamic electronic version of their publication. Add video and audio, live hyperlinks, slide shows, and text reflowed to the device being used – the result is significantly enhancing the reader's experience and adding value to your customers' content.

So what does this revolutionary solution do for you and your customers?

  • Produce more jobs with digital communications for all types of print applications:
    • Full colour documents – from simple to sophisticated
    • Marketing messages that add relevancy
    • Online annual reports and regularly occurring newsletters that enhance sustainability and meet corporate mandates
    • Enrollment kits for online distribution
    • Manuals that require embedded how-to instructional videos
  • Reduce your costs by streamlining your print and digital communications prepress operations in a single workflow.
  • Grow your business by expanding your ability to generate recurring streams of revenue with both print and e-communications.
  • Delight your customers by taking the materials you already print for them, and distributing the content through enhanced, dynamic, and interactive versions that are distributed through digital channels.
  • Offer usage information that tells your customers how readers are interacting with their content, so they can enhance future communications to make them more effective.

Why Choose Xerox?

  • Xerox support is second to none – from the people who make technology work for your business.
  • Your Xerox team will conduct an initial consultation to understand your needs and goals and tailor the solution to your workflow.
  • Xerox professionals perform a complete installation and configuration of your solution, including developing and configuring custom workflows and making sure they integrate with existing applications. All to help you minimise costs.
  • Your Xerox team will then validate the workflows to make sure everything is running smoothly, and sales training for your staff to make sure you start realising revenue quickly.
  • Even after your FreeFlow Digital Publisher solution is up and running, we'll be there every step of the way to provide service and support.



Xerox FreeFlow Digital Publisher won a 2016 MUST SEE 'EMS award and was named Best of Category for ‘Prepress and Premedia’ at Graph Expo 2016. MUST SEE 'EMS are awarded to designate products that visitors to Graph Expo 2016, North America's largest graphic arts tradeshow, should not miss.