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SaaSColorManagement by CMI

Colour management... easier than you ever imagined!
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Introducing one-touch colour management. CMI offers a simple, revolutionary approach that resolves the shortcomings of most colour management processes. With one touch, a smart, automated colour management workflow is initiated that is fully integrated into the production workflow. Baselines are automatically set up for any paper stock or production queue. Concerns about quality are avoided by verifying and, if needed, optimising the colour output. The quick and highly controlled methodology excels in usability, speed and quality. Productivity is increased and operational costs are reduced with savings of approximately one hour per printer per day. is available as a stand-alone solution or as a component of Xerox® IntegratedPLUS Automated Color Management, an industry first, automated approach developed together with Xerox.

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Key Features

  • Simple one-touch process initiates a comprehensive high-end automated colour management system with an extremely easy-to-use and intuitive user interface
  • Using the mobile app, operators can initiate the process anywhere on multiple printers simultaneously
  • Automatically creates a baseline for any press, paper stock or printer queue to guarantee repeatability
  • Maximum quality for graphic arts, packaging and G7 output
  • Improved image quality of photo books
  • Support ICC and Device Link workflows
  • Stable colours from multiple printers across multiple locations
  • More and better quality production out of existing printers
  • Powerful toner and ink savings without loss of quality
  • Decreases costs by automating processes
  • Cloud-based approach for easy installation and maintenance
  • Minimal annual subscription fees without a high up-front investment
  • Very fast return on investment


Introducing CMI

Your Challenges

Maintaining good print quality requires a focused operator. Delivering the same quality between printers and across multiple different print shop locations requires even more effort. Operators may not have the knowledge or get the time needed to execute colour management tasks. Outside consultants can be very expensive and are not always the solution. Without a process, a lot of time is wasted on extra support and maintenance activities – colour management could easily take one hour per day per printer. To create a lean print manufacturing environment, colour management must be built into the printing process.

Key Challenges

  • Simplifying the process while offering comprehensive colour management capabilities
  • Enabling ICC and Device Link profiling
  • Profiling any offset output for optimum migration to digital colour printers
  • Optimising Pantone® and custom colours
  • Enabling Hybrid Rendering for special applications (G7, photo, packaging) and for paper types with optical brightness
  • Colour quality control to ISO, Fogra, GRACol and/or in-house standards
  • Saving on toner and ink without loss of quality
  • Showing trends of repeatability, quality and frequency of usage per workflow

How Xerox Can Help

CMI addresses all of your colour management concerns:

  • Available as a stand-alone solution or as a component of Xerox® IntegratedPLUS Automated Color Management
  • A web-based cloud offering that's closely integrated with the Xerox iGen family
  • Easy installation and training
  • Xerox will train your colour expert to use simple and robust tools to design powerful automated colour workflows
  • Operators only have to press one button to initiate those pre-defined colour workflows
  • Colour management can be initiated from a mobile app, if desired
  • Colour management expertise is now integrated into the printing environment without requiring a colour expert at every site
  • Quality is under control and optimised across all printers at all locations, avoiding production losses due to colour issues
  • Production colour printing is a lean process (Verify, Analyse, Optimise)

Why Choose Xerox?

This solution is available through Xerox as either a standalone offering or as a fully integrated component of Xerox® IntegratedPLUS Automated Color Management.


Xerox Top 2014 Business Partners of the Year

Xerox awarded CMI a Challenge Award for Most Innovative Solution of the Year at its annual Business Innovation Partner of the Year awards, recognizing the efforts of leading partners that help Xerox and its customers capture new opportunities and achieve business success.