• Flow of Work

See How Automation is Changing Your World

Productivity and Collaboration in the Modern Workplace

Redefining the flow of work is all about automation. Xerox can help you create an intelligent office where information and data travel quickly, seamlessly and securely to get work done.

  • Applications efficiently connect to cloud-hosted solutions for increased productivity and lower costs.
  • Processes are more effective based on insights provided by user analytics.
  • Automated business processes to improve your ability to intelligently connect, share and work.
  • Flexible, easy-to-use content management efficiently manages paper and data with cloud-based collaboration.


Personalisation and Automation for Breakthrough Communications

Personalised information at the exact moment you need it. Or your customers need it.

  • Generate new business by driving breakthrough marketing that leverages hyper-personalised, cross-media, end-to-end campaign management.
  • Intelligently ignite automated productivity.
  • Simplify and integrate production processes.
  • Achieve effortless consistency from web submission to finishing.