Ah. The joy of being worry-free.

Roll on with hassle-free printing, year after year, with the Xerox Lifetime Warranty.

Xerox Lifetime Onsite Warranty for Smooth, Peaceful Printing

Things don’t always go exactly as planned. That’s when it’s nice to have backup. Our Lifetime Onsite Warranty*. is here to help keep your Xerox printers and multifunction printers (MFPs) up and running. It gives you peace of mind to breeze through another work day, week and year.

How does Lifetime Warranty work?

It's easy. Think of it as a rolling warranty extension for the life of the product.

  1. Buy a set of supplies (4 colours) within the last 60 days of the warranty 
  2. Claim online for a free one year onsite warranty extension and keep the contact number safe  
  3. Repeat each year for the printer's lifetime

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*Lifetime Warranty Offer

“Xerox Equipment Lifetime Warranty” means you may claim a free 12 month Xerox warranty multiple times throughout the lifetime of an eligible equipment, upon meeting conditions (e.g. buying specific Xerox supplies ), but it does not mean you receive a “one off” Xerox provided warranty for the equipment’s lifetime. Terms are found here. Applies only to specific equipment and supplies purchased during the period stated in the Terms in United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, Belgium, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Spain, Portugal, Switzerland, Austria, Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland from Xerox or its reseller in those locations. Supplies must be sourced from within the EEA and Switzerland. Eligible equipment’s lifetime is determined by Xerox (may end after pagecount reached, or due to working condition and product obsolescence).


  • The following models are included in this offer: 6500V_D ,6500V_N ,6505V_DN ,6505V_N ,6510V_DN ,6510V_DNI ,6510V_N ,6515V_DN ,6515V_DNI ,6515V_N ,6600V_DN ,6600V_N ,6605V_DN ,6605V_N ,6655IV_X ,6655V_X ,6700V_DN ,6700V_DT ,6700V_DX ,6700V_N ,7100V_DN ,7100V_N ,7500V_DN ,7500V_DNZ ,7500V_DT ,7500V_DX ,7500V_N ,7800V_DN ,7800V_DNY ,7800V_DX ,7800V_GX ,7800V_N ,8580_ADN ,8580_AN ,8880_ADN ,B400V_DN ,B405V_DN ,B600V_DN ,B605V_S ,B605V_X ,B605V_XL ,B610V_DN ,B615V_X ,B615V_XL ,C400V_DN ,C400V_N ,C405V_DN ,C405V_N ,C500V_DN ,C500V_N ,C505V_DN ,C505V_N ,C600V_DN ,C600V_N ,C605V_DN ,C605V_N ,C7000V_DN ,C7000V_N ,C7020V_DN ,C8000V_DT ,C9000V_DT
  • Warranty extensions are claimed at www.xerox.co.uk/claim


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