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Drivve | DM

Web based document management system delivering must-have functionality and usability
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Drivve | DM is a robust, yet streamlined, web based document/content management system. It pushes Web 2.0 technologies to their limit to make your organisation's vital information accessible from anywhere (through all major browsers) and create an enjoyable, highly efficient user experience.

Drivve | DM's combination of feature-rich, customisable power and amazing ease of use is ideal for the variable SMB market. It offers a solutions "toolbox" that gives users unprecedented flexibility for creating real, on-the-fly solutions optimised for particular tasks at any level of complexity.

Key Features

  • High-performance, web based document management lets you index, archive, search and retrieve documents using your PC or Mac.
  • Projects Workspace adds a new level of organisation to your document archive and makes securely sharing documents within teams effortless.
  • Intuitive Indexing lets you organise your info the way you see fit.
  • A user interface of unrivaled elegance is intuitive, easy to learn, and enjoyable to use.
  • Simplified installation options (hosted or in-house) make things easy for IT managers.
  • Absolute administrative control over your organisation's Live Archive and all its functions — from anywhere with access to the World Wide Web.
  • Infinite powers of scalability mean you'll never outgrow us, whatever size your organisation.
  • Data protection takes the worry out of security, which is assured all the way down to the single-document level.
  • Deep integration with Drivve | Image, the capture middleware product included with each DM system.
  • Use Drivve | DM for iPhone for remote access and collaboration. Instantly search for and retrieve documents.

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Drivve | DM won Xerox's Most Innovative EIP Application award for 2008. EIP-enabled highlights include:

  • Drivve | DM allows information scanned into a Xerox office multifunction printer (MFP) to be accessed at any time through all major browsers.
  • Via its Drivve | Image capture middleware, Drivve | DM adds a wide variety of imaging, processing and distribution tools that automate business processes. Even very complex automated tasks can be carried out with the touch of a single button on any Xerox multifunction printer control panel.
  • Drivve | DM provides full distribution of information — from any Xerox multifunction printer into the central web based interface through to the native iPhone application.
  • Drivve | DM provides tools for complete integration with an information infrastructure, with links to existing resources such as merchandise information systems, CRM and ERP systems, etc.

Your Challenges

Offices today rely heavily on paper-based processes. They need to transition to digital document workflows while also managing the issue of information overload.

The Drivve | DM web based document management system delivers must-have functionality through an intuitive, best-in-class user interface to help businesses achieve optimal efficiency through complete, superior control of information.

Key Challenges

  • Globalisation – you need to access documents from anywhere at any time
  • Electronic communication – you need to view and send documents electronically
  • Document management – you need to digitise and manage your company's most vital asset, information, in the most efficient manner
  • Too much data/information overload – you need to have highly effective search mechanisms to retrieve needed information quickly
  • Strict privacy laws – you need to optimally structure and secure your data to fulfill both your organisational needs and your legal obligations
  • Lots of paper – you need to store all your digitalized paper documents efficiently to enable fast retrieval
  • Less money – you need to save money
  • Less time – you need to save time

How Xerox Can Help

Drivve | DM's powerful, user-friendly web based DMS provides deep integration with any Xerox MFP control panel through Drivve | Image, its powerful capture middleware, becoming both the preferred destination for scans and a complete document ecosystem covering a broad spectrum of every SMB's imaging, document/content management, and workflow needs.

  • Globalisation – Drivve | DM provides full distribution of information for instant access and easy collaboration
  • Electronic communication – Index, archive, search and retrieve documents using your PC, Mac or iPhone
  • Document management – Drivve | DM lets you intelligently and easily manage your documents through feature-rich customizable power and exceptional ease of use
  • Too much data/information overload – Drivve | DM's highly intelligent search options let you access stored information quickly
  • Strict privacy laws – Drivve | DM maintains data integrity and security through superior usability, standardised, highly efficient processes, and foolproof security measures
  • Lots of paper – Drivve | DM speeds document capture, processing and distribution through deep integration with its Drivve | Image capture middleware
  • Less money – Drivve | DM's affordability is another reason it's the go-to solution for SMBs of every size
  • Less time – Drivve | DM accelerates, streamlines and automates processes to optimise information management

Why Choose Xerox?

  • Drivve | DM pushes the EIP envelope, utilising the full power of the EIP platform to offer comprehensive value-added functionality — and wins Xerox's Most Innovative EIP Application award for 2008
  • Unparalleled usability pushes Drivve | DM far ahead of the competition in providing Xerox customers with an elegant DMS that's intuitive, easy to learn, and fun to use
  • Drivve | DM provides clients with a complete document ecosystem seamlessly integrated with the control panel of any Xerox multifunction printer