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Drivve | Mobile Print

Drivve | Mobile Print is a BlackBerry smartphone print app that allows users to print emails, calendars, photos and PDFs to Xerox printers and MFPs.
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Drivve | Mobile Print is a print app that enables users to print directly from their BlackBerry smartphone to network printers and multifunction printers (MFPs) via a WiFi connection. It is ideal for mobile workers who need to print emails, photos and documents while on the move, as well as in the office.

The BlackBerry edition supports the printing of email content, photos, calendar itineraries, contact details, sms and memos directly to PCL3, PCL5 and PCL6 capable network printers and MFPs. It also allows users to print PDFs to Adobe PostScript 3 supported devices, including all Xerox printers and MFPs. Drivve | Mobile Print supports the printing of Microsoft Office and OpenOffice documents via Drivve | Mobile Gateway.

Drivve | Mobile Gateway is a driverless mobile printing solution that allows users to print to any make/model of printer or MFP from any mobile device (all smartphones, tablet computers, laptops, netbooks and PDAs) by submitting jobs in 3 ways:

  1. By email
  2. By webpage upload
  3. By Drivve | Mobile Print app

Drivve | Mobile Gateway also has connectors to third party cost accounting software, such as Equitrac, so users can submit their document via Drivve | Mobile Gateway, and collect their print jobs at the MFP using the secure authentication capabilities of the third party software.

Drivve | Mobile Print gives users the freedom to roam and print wherever and whenever they want.

Key Features

  • Find and save favourite printers and MFPs automatically
  • Print email content or PDF and JPG attachments directly from the email app
  • Print photos directly from the media app
  • Print PDF documents directly from the media card or device memory
  • Print calendar itineraries, contact details, sms messages, memos and task lists directly using the Print menu option
  • Print Microsoft Office and OpenOffice documents via Drivve | Mobile Gateway

Your Challenges

Until now, mobile workers could not print emails, attachments and other content from their smartphones.

Key Challenges

  • Sales reps need to print off a proposal just before meeting a client
  • Users need to print a board card from their smartphone
  • Mobile workers need to print confidential information without sharing it with colleagues
  • Accident investigators need to print photos taken on their smartphone
  • A user needs to review a presentation sent to their smartphone by email

How Xerox Can Help

Drivve | Mobile Print is a BlackBerry smartphone print app that enables users to print emails, attachments, photos and other smartphone content directly on Xerox printers and MFPs.


  • Print emails, attachments, documents and photos directly from your smartphone without the need to power up your laptop or desktop computer.

Increased productivity

  • Print documents while on the move.
  • Review documents too large to view on the smartphone screen properly.

Reduced cost

  • Print documents such as flight boarding cards at your convenience, thereby avoiding costly airline charges.
  • Print photos on your home printer thereby avoiding expensive digital kiosk prices.

Improved security

  • No need to send confidential emails or documents to other people to print.
  • No need to upload your document to a hosted service provider.

Open technology

  • Works with a wide range of print devices, including USB attached and GDI printers.


  • An integrated component of the Drivve ecosystem.

Why Choose Xerox?

  • Drivve | Mobile Print works with all Xerox printers and MFPs
  • Xerox MFPs support the direct printing of PDF documents from BlackBerry smartphones running Drivve | Mobile Print