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Skyline is a world class web-to-print solution available as a hosted service or licensed for in-house installation.

Ideal for in-plant print rooms and commercial facility management companies, Skyline provides an easy, fast and accessible way for users to submit and price print jobs directly from their desktop PC, and an efficient way for the print room to manage production.

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Key Features

  • Available as a hosted service or as a software set for in-house installations.
  • Easy for your users to understand and accessible from their desktop PC.
  • Install multiple print stations anywhere in the world and create multiple portals to offer different packages of products to users.
  • Fully editable web page. You add your own brand and content to allow you to readily communicate services and products to customers.
  • Unlimited customer user license and unlimited print volume. We don’t charge for your success.
  • Create on-demand bespoke documents using variable data fields and templates such as Business Cards, Calendars and more.
  • Provide online libraries and catalogues - personal and shared. Users can order popular documents as required, cutting waste and expensive storage.
  • Provide standard prices and bespoke quotes and offer online payment via your preferred choice.
  • Choice of "File & Print" local driver or web upload for document submission (includes native file submission).
  • Automatic PDF creation offering all the required software to convert your user documents into print ready PDFs.

Your Challenges

Despite in-plant print rooms offering many benefits for their parent organisations such as convenience, data security, consistency of brand and competitive pricing, there is often under-utilisation of these great in-house facilities.

In today’s business climate, print rooms are often under pressure to demonstrate that their services will reduce costs and will provide a better level of response. It is essential they are able to effectively align services to support business needs and to provide continuous improvements.

Key Challenges

  • Does work increasingly arrive by email?
  • Can document formatting and incomplete instructions cause delays to work?
  • Do you believe that departments outsource work that could be delivered in-house?
  • Do you spend time allocating print expenditure and compiling reports?
  • Do you want to promote print services via your own professional website?
  • Do you want to develop efficient production and management processes?
  • Can you offer a complete solution for all of your organisation’s printing needs rather than just ‘specialised’ printing?
  • Is it important that print services continue to support your organisation to reduce costs and provide a better level of service and response?

How Xerox Can Help

Skyline addresses the issues facing in-plant print rooms by providing an easy, fast and accessible way to submit and manage print jobs. As a FreeFlow™ accredited product, Skyline can be linked seamlessly to Xerox production devices for automated processes.

  • Skyline provides an easy, fast and accessible service for your users who can access the service from their desktop PC.
  • Skyline makes it very simple for users to submit work using familiar shopping cart processes and then delivers the job directly to the print room as a high definition, print-ready PDF.
  • Skyline enables print rooms to more effectively promote their products and service. Fully editable content allows you to add your own brand and readily communicate services and products to customers.
  • Libraries can be created for popular documents and online templates designed for regular orders such as business cards and letterhead.
  • Skyline has been designed so that it can offer you the option of integration with in-house databases and production devices. This feature makes it easier to review, manage and report on work.

Why Choose Xerox?

  • As a FreeFlow accredited product, Skyline can be linked seamlessly to Xerox production devices for automated processes.