Xerox CentreWare™ for IBM Tivoli® NetView

This product is no longer available.

You might like to consider Xerox CentreWare Web.


Xerox CentreWare for IBM Tivoli NetView is device management software that provides simple administration of Xerox products within the IBM Tivoli NetView network management toolset.

Key Features

  • Automatic discovery and identification of (supported) Xerox printers/devices on your network and presents them as icons
  • Colour-coded device status automatically changes the colour in the printer icon to reflect the printer status
  • Access the embedded web server of your device through the icon displayed in the Xerox Printers SmartSet
  • A single, custom view of all the discovered Xerox devices on your network in a single Xerox Printers Smartset
  • Full integration with the features of IBM Tivoli NetView and the Event Browse; provides status and notification to NetView users about Xerox devices
  • Forwards printer events to the TEC to allow administration from a single network management tool
  • Enables unsolicited device feedback using automatic SNMP trap registration with SNMP trap-capable Xerox devices
  • Launch Xerox CentreWare Web or Xerox Device Manager from the NetView interface
  • Installs and compiles Xerox MIB into IBM Tivoli NetView
  • Integrated help menu

Your Challenges

More IT organisations facing the high cost of managing print and multifunction devices in IBM environments are turning to central management through Xerox provided snap-ins for IBM Tivoli NetView.

Key Challenges

  • Higher operational costs, inefficient use of resources, and when devices cannot be centrally managed
  • Loss in user productivity due to IT inability to manage print devices within Tivoli NetView environment
  • More downtime when alerts and device status are unavailable

How Xerox Can Help

CentreWare for IBM Tivoli NetView allows system and device administrators to easily integrate and centrally manage Xerox products within the IBM Tivoli NetView environment. The result is simple administration, lower costs, and higher efficiency.

  • View and centrally manage network resources by seeing real-time status of Xerox devices on a network using SNMP
  • Automates tasks related to your Xerox printers by displaying device faults and low paper and toner conditions in the Event Browser
  • View all discovered Xerox devices under one SmartSet in Tivoli NetView
  • Full integration with the Event Browser, as well as the choice to integrate with Tivoli Enterprise Console (TEC)
  • Certified as Ready for IBM Tivoli software