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From a local barista who already knows what latte you will order, to a hand-written thank you note, customers like a personalised touch. Opportunities to personalise the relationship between your organisation and your customer exist throughout their journey.

Many have recognised this opportunity and want to:

  • Allow customers to manage the brand relationship by transforming communications in the channels customers prefer.
  • Encourage digital adoption by making the user experience simple, engaging and informative in all channels.
  • Increase upsell, cross-sell and customer loyalty using analytics-based insights to integrate relevant, compelling offers into customer communications cycles.

Our Multichannel Communications offerings and platform help you achieve these objectives while driving improvements in cost, campaign performance and customer experience.

We help you deliver effective multichannel communications at every touch point: web, mobile, email, direct mail, fulfillment and in-store signage. Our customised service optimises the intersection of transactional and marketing communications so you can leverage all forms of data for relevant and personalised communications. Our services accelerate digital adoption and reduce the underlying infrastructure and technology challenges that are holding you back from migrating to digital forms of communication. See how you can offer a truly immersive and interactive online experience, enabling cross-sell opportunities while improving customer retention and loyalty.


Multichannel Communications Capabilities

  • Preference and Consent Management
  • E-Delivery and Presentment
  • Mail Services and Postal Optimisation
  • Kitting and Fulfillment
  • E-storefront/Web Portals
  • Centralised Reporting and Dashboard
  • Collaborative Workflow, Proofing, Approvals
  • Coordination with Partners


Case Study: Orange Austria

We helped Orange use billing to enhance customer service and grow its Austrian business. Our solution included adding tailored messages to customer bills, archiving electronic bills and notifying customers via email and SMS.

  • €2m saved through growth in paperless billing, now accounting for 40% of bills
  • Different departments and applications able to access bill information in the ways the business needs
  • Service centre fully informed about bills and able to respond to customer queries
  • Use of bills for cross-selling and upselling

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