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How Europart changed the way they manage information

So they turned to Xerox to bring order to the way information flows around their business.

The Challenge: Understanding the paper trail

Europart produces catalogues and advertisements in 24 different languages, and process millions of delivery notes and invoices every year.

The trouble is, Europart is a spare parts provider, not a print company. So as the company expanded globally, its printing infrastructure became quite chaotic.

Printing costs kept climbing, infrastructural complexity kept sprawling, and paper-based manual processes kept slowing things down.

Europart worked with us to rethink their approach to document management, so they could keep their costs in check and work in smarter ways.

The Solution: A four-fold transformation

Europart needed to change the way information moved around their organisation. But they also needed to keep costs down.

So they turned to Managed Document Services to lower their printing costs, reduce complexity and modernise their most outdated, manual processes.

What could Document Management Services do for you?

Find out how Xerox document management services can help your organisation print for less (and print less).

Here’s how they did it.

They simplified vendor relationships.

We now act as a link between Europart and its printing supplier, passing on workflow efficiencies that come from our economies of scale.

They rationalised their print fleet.

After decades of ad-hoc printer sprawl, we helped Europart increase productivity by standardising and optimising their print infrastructure.

They automated invoice processing.

They’ve moved away from manual processes by using optical recognition technology to extract and digitise the most important information from physical documents.

And they digitised delivery note management.

Instead of spending millions on managing physical delivery notes, they can now centrally manage digitised notes through an online portal.

The Results:Reduced Costs and Optimised Processes

It’s now easier, faster and cheaper for people at Europart to create and process information

They’re seeing lower costs and faster delivery times on high-volume printing jobs like brochures, leaflets and catalogues.

They’ve reduced their overall printer estate by 61%, replacing 600 heterogeneous printing systems with 232 networked multifunctional devices.

Most importantly, their people are working in smarter ways. They’re seeing massive efficiencies from digitised invoice processing – 30 people can check and process 300,000 invoices each year – so they’ve reduced their invoice processing costs by 20%.

Europart can now process two million digital delivery notes through the centralised portal every year, so their physical storage costs are falling. And their staff have more time to follow-up on enquiries and generate new business.

It’s exactly the kind of transformative impact Xerox Managed Document Services provides – and exactly what businesses like Europart need to grow.

What could Document Management Services do for you?

Find out how Xerox document management services can help your organisation print for less (and print less).

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