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How Printer Apps and MPS Unleashed this Bank’s Workflow Transformation

A Portuguese bank wanted workflow transformation, better security, visibility of device use and cost-cutting when its managed print services contract came up for renewal.

They got exactly that at each of their 800 locations.

  • A printer app eliminates approximately three days of work processing with straight-through scanning and upload of documents for loan approval.

  • Counterfeit banknotes are identified by a custom-developed printer app.

  • Secure printing in all 800 locations throughout Portugal.

  • Multi-layer device security meets strengthened bank information security requirements.

  • Eliminated 700 print servers; improved reporting and accounting of all print activity and costs.

Take a closer look. This workflow transformation case study outlines the bank’s challenge, our solution, and the results. Managed Print Services is about more than printers, supplies and support. MPS is about the way you use documents – paper and electronic -- and the way people and processes intersect. Automate, save money, boost productivity, control costs, protect your information, and transform workflows.


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