Xerox Workflow Automation Solution for Retail Vendor Management

Build a comprehensive retail vendor management practice, from initial sourcing through to execution and contract renewals, with the Xerox Workflow Automation Solution for Retail Vendor Management.

Our solution helps retailers gain transparency across departments and establish a standard process detailed enough to support your cost-saving efforts, mitigate risks and create service excellence across purchasing, legal and your lines of business.

A central platform, accessible across all departments and integrated into existing ERP and accounting systems, can help you share information such as sourcing criteria, onboarding, relationship management, incident management, incident resolution and more.

Automated workflows kick-start business processes such as approval requests, and auditing trails help teams understand contract changes and vendor changes. Plus, built-in reporting and dashboards track retail vendor performance over time.

Workflow Automation for Retail Vendor Management can help you:

  • Build a comprehensive retail vendor management practice and reduce administrative costs associated with manual and disconnected processes.
  • Rationalize number of vendors and set up criteria for prioritizing and labeling vendors as strategic, transactional, etc.
  • Establish or integrate into a new or existing master vendor list and other contract management or ERP systems such as SAP.
  • Improve workflows and centralize information.

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