DocuWare CONNECT to Xerox

Scan and archive from a multifunction printer

DocuWare lets you scan, index and store documents on your multifunction printer in a single step, making these electronic files immediately available to all authorised users in the central document pool.

Key Features

  • Store scanned documents directly in a DocuWare File Cabinet
  • Choose your login preference, such as a background login with a fixed, predefined user or individual logins for each user
  • Use an unlimited number of DocuWare 5 file cabinets
  • Select from list of store dialogs displayed on the Xerox multifunction printer
  • Define special store dialogs through DocuWare administration
  • Select index entries from lists or enter them via a soft keyboard
  • Access the MFP's main scanner settings, including duplex or simplex mode, black-and-white or color, 100-600 dpi and PDF, TIFF or JPG file formats
  • Add to/access from a central document pool available to any authorized user
  • Smooth interface capabilities make DocuWare simple to use
  • Automatic indexing makes it easy to find the file you need
  • Improve workflow with easy scanning, storing and retrieval
  • Simple installation, administration and operation keep you up and running
  • Save money on paper document warehousing costs with a digital solution that offers low total cost of ownership
  • Digitized documents move seamlessly into web content management processes
  • Scalable solution grows with your needs
  • Handles documents of all formats
  • Xerox Extensible Interface Platform (EIP) allows you to access software solutions from the multifunction printer's touch-screen
DocuWare lets you scan, index and store documents on your multifunction printer in a single step, making these electronic files immediately available to all authorised users in the central document pool.

Key Challenges

  • To find solutions that can automatically process any type of document regardless of its source or internal control procedures and that help meet audit and compliance requirements.
  • To find possibilities to manage records or documents in a secure, controlled manner with a possibility to enhance with workflow functionalities, Web Content Management and universal integration functions.
  • To provide powerful Enterprise Content Management (ECM) functionality in order to enable expansion throughout an organisation.
  • To find a sensible way to digitally import documents, keep records and allow any user to access and find these easily.
  • To find software that enables easy organization and secure storage at all times.
  • To improve workflow, allowing editing of documents even from remote locations and/or mobile users.
  • To find a solution that allows easy configuration and integration with other applications.
DocuWare CONNECT to Xerox allows your Xerox multifunction printer to scan and store documents into DocuWare - in a single step. You can add index terms, right from the multifunction printer, and access can be password protected.

The process is easy. At the multifunction printer, select the application from the touch screen. Depending on the security set up, the application may ask for a user ID and password. Authorised users see the appropriate store dialogs, and can enter index terms for the document. They either pick terms from the ‘select lists’ or enter them manually via the soft keyboard. Finally, they scan the document, and DocuWare CONNECT for Xerox stores it, along with the index terms, into the correct DocuWare file cabinet.

Why Choose Xerox?
  • DocuWare was designed to integrate seamlessly with Xerox multifunction printers
  • Archive directly from a Xerox multifunction printer
  • Scan, index and store in a single step on the Xerox multifunction printer
  • Documents are available immediately to all authorised users

DocuWare CONNECT to Xerox is based on the technology of DocuWare Web Client. An embedded Web browser runs on the Xerox MFP. This communicates via HTTP with the DocuWare CONNECT to Xerox module, an ASP.NET application that runs within Microsoft IIS (Internet Information Services).

To communicate with the DocuWare system, CONNECT to Xerox uses the DocuWare GAPI in¬terface (General Application Program¬ming Interface). The scanned documents are sent from the Xerox device via FTP (File Transfer Protocol) to an FTP server, where they are stored in a directory.

DocuWare accesses this directory on the FTP server via the file system, fetches the scanned files from there and stores the docu¬ments in the DocuWare file cabinet via GAPI. The index data for the scanned documents is transferred by CONNECT to Xerox directly to the GAPI interface.

Xerox award-winning copiers, printers, and multifunction printers include flexible platforms that accommodate a wide variety of software solutions. Software functionality may vary by product model. Contact your local sales representative for detailed compatibility information.

Multifunction / All-in-One Printers

Digital Presses

DocuWare 5.1b SP1 Installation
  • Can be used with all DocuWare Server Editions: BUSINESS, PROFESSIONAL and ENTERPRISE
  • The add-on module requires a DocuWare Client license