Equitrac Professional Printer Accounting Software for Xerox Printers and Mulitfunction Printers

Equitrac Professional

Equitrac Professional printer accounting software helps professional firms capture, allocate and recover all of their client-billable expenses. Equitrac Professional is available as both device-embedded and terminal-based software.

Key Features

  • Software-based capture, costing and reporting of all client-related expenses including copy, print, scan, fax, phone, research, courier and catering
  • Automatic, near real time, exchange of client/matter and expense information with all leading time and billing (T&B) systems
  • Web-based exception editing to review, correct or approve charges from anywhere
  • Page-by-page tracking and cost recovery of colour output
  • Follow-You Printing™ with Secure Document Release
  • Definable print rules and least cost routing
  • Xerox device-embedded and terminal-based solutions available
  • Crystal Reports XI report generator with over 100 summary, detailed and total activity reports by network user and device
  • Standards-based, vendor-neutral, unified and centralised, system for network printer management and complete cost recovery

Product Awards


Xerox Top 2014 Business Partners of the Year

Xerox named Nuance Communications as its 2014 Office Software Partner of the Year at its annual Business Innovation Partner of the Year awards, recognizing the efforts of leading partners that help Xerox and its customers capture new opportunities and achieve business success.
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March 2015

Buyer's Lab (BLI)

BLI named Xerox's line of document imaging solutions, including Equitrac Professional, their Winter 2015 Pick for 2015 Document Imaging Solutions Line of the Year. "For the second year in a row, the broad range of solutions Xerox makes available to its customers helped propel it to the front of the pack among imaging OEMs according to our judging criteria."
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Winter 2015
Digital technologies are helping legal and professional firms to provide better client service. But many firms find modern technologies complex to manage and difficult to track, leading to increased costs and unbilled client expenses.

Key Challenges

  • Inability to track and allocate digital prints and scans as effectively as traditional copies and faxes
  • Users can be inconvenienced by having to continually enter client/matter information
  • Incorrect billing codes reduce billing speed and accuracy
  • Colour equipment is easily misused; colour output is not easily tracked and billed
  • Client confidentiality and attorney work-product can be compromised by documents left unattended at network printers
  • Lines at the copier or printer drain billable productivity
  • Printers are largely unmanaged
  • Lack of information on actual print use leads to equipment over-purchase
  • Multiple proprietary systems and devices do not work well together, driving up costs and complexity
Equitrac Professional® printer accounting software simplifies and centralises print management, makes network printing more convenient and secure, helps eliminate waste, and lowers cost.
  • Track and bill for every print, scan copy and fax produced on every device anywhere in your firm
  • Track and charge for colour prints and copies on a page-by-page basis. Set colour output limits to ensure responsible use of colour devices
  • Expand cost recovery by importing cost items such as research, couriers, postage, phone calls, catering and other client-related disbursements
  • Increase security, convenience and productivity with Follow-You Printing™ that holds documents in a secure server until users authenticate themselves at the network printer of their choice
  • Easily control access to printers and implement least cost print routing to direct jobs to the most efficient devices
  • Access matter-centric cost recovery with automatic, near real-time, exchange of client/matters and expense transactions with all leading time and billing systems
  • Increase billing speed and accuracy with automatic, near real-time, exchange of client/matters and expense transactions with all leading time and billing systems
  • Make more informed decisions on equipment deployment and acquisition with the insight gained in over 100 summary, detailed and total activity reports
  • Improve service levels, simplify IT requirements and reduce printer-related help-desk calls

Why Choose Xerox?

  • Xerox and Equitrac can design, implement and maintain an Equitrac Professional solution end-to-end with worldwide Equitrac certified service and support capabilities
  • Integrates seamlessly into your existing IT infrastructure and provides unparalleled support and document accounting accuracy for your network accounting enabled Xerox multifunction printers
  • Commitment to information security through tight and secure integration with Xerox multifunction printers and your existing authentication infrastructure
  • Flexible and convenient authentication system that gives users quick, easy, and secure access to Xerox MFP system functions that need to be tracked for accounting or regulatory requirements
  • Partners for 30 years, Xerox and Equitrac have provided you with the most knowledgeable and experienced cost recovery team in the world
Xerox award-winning copiers, printers, and multifunction printers include flexible platforms that accommodate a wide variety of software solutions. Software functionality may vary by product model. Contact your local sales representative for detailed compatibility information.

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