Macro 4 IOP OnCall Printing

User authentication and security

IOP OnCall™ Printing from Macro 4 allows user authentication at a device using security cards, PINs, and/or network IDs and passwords. Options are available for both Xerox Extensible Interface Platform (EIP)-enabled and non-EIP-enabled multifunction printers in the same environment.

Key Features

  • Users can view, print, or delete their print jobs held securely on the IOP print server after authentication
  • Reduces network traffic through intelligent printer control.
  • Encrypt print jobs (optional) from the desktop to the device, so that even system administrators, including service providers, cannot see the content of the document
  • A module of the Intelligent Office Printing™ solution from Macro 4. IOP OnCall™ Printing can be deployed as a single module or in conjunction with other IOP capabilities, such as Cost Accounting and/or Zone Printing.
Office workers want to ensure their confidential documents are not compromised when sitting in a printer tray awaiting collection.

Key Challenges

  • Lack of cost transparency across their printed output as well as copy and scan
  • Potential security breaches with printed output within your enterprise
  • Highly sensitive documents that are not sufficiently secure from unauthorized employees and not adequately protected from being intercepted across the network
  • Inability for mobile (hotdesk) workers to print at any company location
IOP OnCall™ Printing provides user authentication by security card, PIN or network ID and password, device based pull printing, print job security and end-to-end encryption. Users simply approach the IOP OnCall™ Station, authenticate, select their job and then collect their printed documents.
  • Users can be identified for print and copy accounting purposes
  • Printed documents are not left in output trays awaiting collection for anyone to see
  • End-to-end print job encryption from the desktop to the device. For highly secure environments, devices can be isolated from the network, yet still be accessible to authorised users irrespective of location.
  • Users can release their print jobs by walking up to any device in the enterprise and authenticating themselves
Why Choose Xerox?
  • Intelligent Office Printing™ (IOP) utilises the advanced functionality of EIP to bring simple control and accountability to document workflow in the office environment and beyond.
  • Solution expertise - Xerox has the expertise and knowledge to provide the best consultative approach to dealing with your hardware and software solution requirement
  • Compatible with the most devices - The competition's compatibility within their own product line is much more limited
  • Easier purchase process than the competition because your Xerox representative will handle both your hardware and software needs
  • Better customer service with one point of contact for hardware and/or software support

The following is a list of minimum system requirements. Specific system requirements are dependent on the functionality being deployed and the architecture of the solution.

Server Components
  • All Windows platforms currently supported by Microsoft
  • Unix : AIX 4 to 5.3; HP-UX 11; Solaris 7, 9 and 10
  • Linux : Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3; SuSE Linux Enterprise 8
Client Components (optional)
  • All Windows platforms currently supported by Microsoft
  • Microsoft IIS
  • Apache 2 and above
  • SQL Server, mySQL, Oracle
Cluster Support
  • Microsoft Windows Clustering
  • LDAP, Active Directory