FollowMe® by Ringdale

The trusted solution for cost-effective and secure office printing

Whether operating a printing environment or implementing an MPS contract, FollowMe® provides all the tools to help organisations significantly reduce costs, optimise the efficiency of printing environments and protect valuable data.

FollowMe Printing allows users to print to a shared print queue, roam, and release their print job from any enabled output device. This driverless technology supports effortless mobile printing, where users can print from any location, mobile phone or tablet device.

Key Features

Reduce printing costs and save management time
  • Minimise waste by reducing unnecessary printing
  • Optimise and consolidate printer fleet
  • Enforce economical print policies per user, department or enterprise wide
  • Reduce the time required to manage the printing environment
Protect valuable data
  • Prevent confidential business data from ending up in the wrong hands
  • Confidential printing for each user on shared devices
  • Comply with industry security standards
Increase user productivity
  • Effortless mobile printing from any location
  • Print securely from any mobile phone or tablet device
  • Integrates with Apple AirPrint and Google Cloud print
Keep track
  • Identify cost savings with visibility on costs per user, department or device
  • Recover print costs from departments or clients
  • Provide a full audit trail for compliance
Waste from documents, left uncollected at the printer, can equate to 30% of all printing costs for some organisations. This can have a large impact on revenue margins. Organisations need a way to control waste, reduce costs, and facilitate business processes to minimise the time required to manage printing environments.

Key Challenges

  • Abundance of unwanted or uncollected documents creating printed waste
  • Rising printer-related calls to the IT help desk
  • Print costs remain unaccounted for with escalating toner and paper costs
  • Loss of data confidentiality when valuable documents are left uncollected at printers
  • Printers frequently out of service
  • Managing printers, copiers and scanners fragmented across departments and office locations
  • Desktop printers used by departments or individual users printing confidential information
FollowMe® is the complete document output management solution which integrates easily with any printing environment
  • Minimise printed waste and consolidate printer fleet
  • Print securely from any location mobile phone or tablet device
  • Protect valuable data with total network security
  • Central control and management of the entire print fleet
  • Account for all printing, copying, faxing, scanning and e-mailing
  • Integrates with third-party systems for automated billing and cost recovery
  • Enforce economical print policies, such as colour access control

Why Choose Xerox?

  • Leverage existing technology investments with a highly scalable solution
  • Integrated directly into the native functionality of the Xerox device
  • Simple user configuration and support process
Xerox award-winning copiers, printers, and multifunction printers include flexible platforms that accommodate a wide variety of software solutions. Software functionality may vary by product model. Contact your local sales representative for detailed compatibility information.

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