Xerox® Print Management and Mobility Service

A cloud print management solution for convenient, secure, affordable mobile printing. Your story is safe with us.

The Xerox® Print Management and Mobility Service is ideal for businesses looking for cloud-based service that is affordable, modular solution designed to save time and reduce costs. The Xerox cloud service brings Print Anywhere mobile printing with benchmark security.
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Key Features

  • With Xerox® Print Anywhere, you can print from nearly any email-enabled mobile device, on any network and cell network.
  • Print to to any brand of printer to support your entire fleet.
  • Easy Xerox and Microsoft Azure Cloud server setup.
  • Enhanced accounting integration delivers user-based tracking.
  • Establish access controls that allow or block the ability to mobile print.
  • Manage local and remote locations and guest visitors' printing access.
  • Securely hold documents until you log in and choose to release for print.
Printer Essentials Bundle
  • Desktop follow printing allows convenient direct print desktop workflow.
  • Several levels of authentication available, including card, code, login, and more.
  • Authentication for printers including both Xerox® devices and devices from other vendors.
  • Realise additional savings, because you buy what you need and nothing more.
  • Open architecture supports print management of both Xerox and nearly any brand of printer, enabling you to leverage existing printers, mobile devices, networks and authentication.
Mobile technology has changed the way we work. Organisations are looking for an affordable cloud print management solution to save time and money, while at the same time controlling and securing printer fleets. They also want to enable worker productivity with advanced mobility that doesn't slow them down or add additional IT overhead.

Key Challenges

  • Mobile professionals are looking for a convenient, secure, way to print their office documents.
  • Companies want a user- and IT-friendly solution that prints from various brands of mobile devices, to various brands of printers.
  • Guests, clients and staff have a need to print conveniently at your site.
  • You need a scalable but affordable method for advanced reporting of logins and device history

Why Choose Xerox?

  • The cloud print management service offers an effective, open design that allows you to add capability as you need it, whether you need additional mobility or security features.
  • Cloud authentication provides flexibility for large enterprises that have multiple networks and small organisations that need flexibility.
  • Printer fleets today are a mix of devices. MFP's and printers from more than vendor are quite common. Why not take better control of these assets?
  • Faithfully, accurately convert your Microsoft Office® documents without the concern of losing format or data.
The Xerox IT Advantage
No more concerns about managing applications for specific mobile devices.

Now you have more choices to print where and when they want. No need to manage unique drivers for all different print devices in your organisation.

Software and Solutions

Part #DescriptionPricePrice inc VAT
320S00699Xerox Mobile Print Cloud (900 Job Credit Pack, 1 yr expiry)£79.00£94.80
320S00700Xerox Mobile Print Cloud (3600 Job Credit Pack, 1 yr expiry)£245.00£294.00
320S00701Xerox Mobile Print Cloud (9000 Job Credit Pack, 1 yr expiry)£571.00£685.20
320S00801Xerox Mobile Print Cloud (5 Device Enablement, 1 yr expiry)£377.76£453.31
320S00802Xerox Mobile Print Cloud (10 Device Enablement, 1 yr expiry)£616.43£739.72
320S00803Xerox Mobile Print Cloud (25 Device Enablement, 1 yr expiry)£1,233.68£1,480.42
320S00804Xerox Mobile Print Cloud (50 Device Enablement, 1 yr expiry)£1,974.38£2,369.26
320S00806Xerox Mobile Print Cloud (100 Device Enablement, 1 yr expiry)£3,085.43£3,702.52
320S00807Xerox Mobile Print Cloud (250 Device Enablement, 1 yr expiry)£6,171.68£7,406.02
320S01080Xerox Mobile Print Cloud 1-Device-Mobile 1-Yr Print Pack£159.15£190.98
320S01081XPMMServ 1-Device-Essential 1-Yr Print Pack£239.12£286.94
320S01082XPMMServ 5-Device-Essential 1-Yr Print Pack£583.01£699.61
320S01084XPMMServ 10-Device-Essential 1-Yr Print Pack£878.91£1,054.69
320S01085XPMMServ 25-Device-Essential 1-Yr Print Pack£1,638.66£1,966.39
320S01086XPMMServ 50-Device-Essential 1-YrPrint Pack£2,918.23£3,501.88
320S01087XPMMServ 100-Device-Essential 1-Yr Print Pack£4,552.14£5,462.57
320S01088XPMMServ 250-Device-Essential 1-Yr Print Pack£9,104.28£10,925.14

Pricing Details

*Prices do not include any supplies, additional print charges or applicable taxes and are subject to change without notice. Products are available to business customers; subject to applicable terms and conditions. Xerox equipment and accessories have been produced in a factory from new parts and from reprocessed parts which meet the performance standards of new parts.