Genuine Xerox Rewards

Buy Xerox-branded supplies and earn reward points you can redeem for cool stuff.
Genuine Xerox RewardsGenuine Xerox Rewards

[NOTICE] Genuine Xerox Rewards Program Ending 30th January 2019

Rewards program ending—redeem reward points
Regretfully, Xerox is ending the Genuine Xerox Rewards program effective 30th January 2019. We tremendously appreciate your participation in the program and are extending the opportunity for you to continue to add to your points total, and of course, to redeem your points via the online catalogue.

You can register supplies purchases (and grow your point balance!) until 28th February 2019 (extended from 30th January).
The online catalogue will be available for you to shop and redeem your reward points until the end of April 2019.
With literally thousands of options—many for just 1,000 points or less—there’s something for everyone. You can even donate points to charity.
Key dates to keep in mind
28th February 2019 is last date to register supplies and receive reward points.
30th April 2019 is last date to shop the online catalogue and redeem your reward points.

Please note that you will forfeit unused points without compensation, so be sure to shop and redeem them by the end of April.