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Fontware BarSTORM Unit

Enables auto barcode printing on any Xerox printer or MFD
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A unique multi-port barcode print server and network bridge enabling auto barcode printing with flash memory for additional data storage. Features the genuine Jetmobile Intelligent BarSIMM/BarDIMM barcoding technology and allows automatic barcode printing on any Xerox PCL printer or multi-function device.

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Key Features

  • Allows easy integration with any existing barcode printing solutions
  • Full auto encoding, error checking and checksum generation
  • Base unit has 1 x network port and 1 x USB port unlocked - additional unlocked ports can be purchased to enable up to 54 printers to be supported from a single unit
  • Comprehensive barcode support - for up-to 60 x 1D barcodes and 8 x 2D barcodes
  • Integrates seamlessly with Windows and with ERP software including SAP R/3, Oracle, Peoplesoft, JD Edwards, and BAAN
  • BarSTORM allows you to have a single networked barcode printing solution - across the entire range of Xerox devices
  • 32 MB on board Flash memory - for storing additional data: fonts, logos, signatures, symbols and form overlays

Your Challenges

Many organizations now wish to print barcodes to speed-up data entry & ensure data integrity, often to automate the workflow process. Normally this involves the expense & inconvenience of having to purchase additional specialist thermal barcode label printers. Some laser printer/MFD manufacturers may have a basic 'bespoke' barcode printing solution, but this normally only works on a limited range of their printer models.

Key Challenges

  • Most standard printers and MFDs lack the capability to print barcodes
  • Barcode printing solutions often require major application changes
  • Normally an 'encoding' algorithm has to be added to the application software in order for the correct barcode to print
  • Most printer 'plug-in' solutions require an external 'dongle' to be fitted to each printer to enable barcoding
  • Most barcode printing solutions aren't compatible with ERP software such as SAP or with the industry standard BarDIMM

How Xerox Can Help

The BarSTORM unit allows easy, intelligent auto barcode printing on ANY Xerox device, thus removing the expense of purchasing specialist thermal barcode printers.

  • Each BarSTORM unit supports up to 54 devices so you don't need to have a unit physically attached to each printer
  • BarSTORM is compatible with ANY Xerox PCL printer or MFD - no need for a different solution for various Xerox devices
  • BarSTORM is an intelligent solution; it encodes the barcode data 'on the fly' and automatically generates check sums and check digits
  • BarSTORM removes the need to add encoding algorithms to the application software - saving expensive development costs
  • BarSTORM contains 'BarDIMM inside' technology so it is 100% compatible with ERP software such as SAP and with existing BarDIMM installations

Why Choose Xerox?

  • Compatible with entire Xerox range of PCL printers and MFDs
  • BarSTORM has been extensively tested across the Xerox range - guaranteeing seamless integration
  • The procurement process is easier as your Xerox Account Manager will handle both your barcoding and printing requirements
  • Single point of contact for any support issues