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Xerox® Customer Communication Management Services

In an always-on digital age when customer expectations are higher than ever, curated, real-time touchpoints on preferred channels are a need-to-have, not a nice-to-have. What if you could orchestrate personalised, transactional communications at scale and across multiple channels with ease?

Go beyond making an impression to create a lasting impact with Xerox Customer Communication Management (CCM) Services. Our services take the guesswork out of delivering the right message at the right time and in your customers’ preferred physical and digital channels, providing enhanced communications that get noticed and drive results — all while driving down costs to serve.

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Why Customer Communication Management is Important

Rapid change across physical and digital environments? The demand for personalisation? Expectations that rise along with costs? Bring it on. Xerox CCM helps you overcome existing and emerging customer communication challenges, including:

  • Meeting the demand for fast, personalised real-time touchpoints in preferred channels

  • Effectively managing cross-channel communications across physical and digital landscapes

  • The inability to change communications and messages on the fly for each customer

  • Poor integration of print and digital publishing processes

  • Fragmented operations, including lack of brand consistency

  • Improving customer acquisition, retention, engagement, upselling, and cross-selling

  • Leveraging existing systems and platforms, including the struggle to simultaneously support multiple tools

  • Reducing customer service and contact center costs

How Xerox CCM Works

We offer a managed service combining a suite of cloud-based technology, software, tools and a partner ecosystem that drives integration through automation. This enables us to effectively leverage our worldwide expertise, providing both global and local service to clients regardless of location.

Our service orchestration eliminates the need for multiple channel-specific siloed teams.

It all starts with client data and business rules. These are integrated to create templates for different types of communications, such as welcome packs and billing statements. This allows us to provide fully personalised, channel agnostic customer communications that are delivered, tracked and monitored via channels of choice.

Here’s how it comes together in five phases:

  1. Planning and creation We plan and create content to feed the approved communication strategy.

  2. Data management and analytics We manage and process data to enrich databases and create personalised communications.

  3. Content creation and management Outbound content is created and composed according to business rules and customer needs.

  4. Multichannel delivery Communications are delivered through any of the available channels, both physical and digital.

  5. Inbound response and archive capabilities We safely store documents and capture data from customer responses.

The Benefits of Xerox CCM

By adding value at every touchpoint, Xerox CCM elevates your brand by delivering a consistently positive customer experience across channels that drives customer satisfaction and engagement.

  • Significantly reducing your print, post and fulfilment costs, as well as removing overhead and legacy costs

  • Partnering with an organisation that’s driven by content execution into the most relevant channel, not a print business

  • Moving to an omni-channel communications strategy, enabling quicker and more effective engagement routes into new and existing customers

  • Turning your legacy communications into a marketing channel

  • Filling white space with cross-promo messaging for maximum impact

  • Using data as an enabler, not a blocker, to help acquire and cross-sell to customers

  • Significantly reducing your change management cycles and saving time

  • Making changes to communications in real time to reduce regulatory change cycles

  • Adhering to GDPR/US privacy model data management systems to remain in compliance

  • Safeguarding sensitive business and customer data

Let’s Establish Your Customer Journey and Map a Path to Success

As an end-to-end communications partner, alleviating deployment pain is at the heart of the strategy within our services operation. From the initial discovery phase of understanding the current state to measuring results, we’re with you every step of the way. Let us engage with your team to take your customer communications to the next level.

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Consistent communications are essential to customer conversion. Let’s make it easy to start a conversation.

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