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Fontware DataSTORM Unit

A unique turnkey multiport print datastream manipulation and emulation gateway
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The Fontware DataSTORM unit is a unique turnkey multiport print datastream manipulation gateway that acts like a print server and network bridge. It is possible to modify and add logical functions including search and replace, triggers, variables, and reprint to produce user defined output on a per queue/printer basis. Forms, macros and fonts can be stored within the device and manipulated on individual page.

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Key Features

  • Existing print applications can be embedded -.NET runtime V1.1 programs of up to 1 GB in size
  • No need to redevelop existing applications - and can be implemented very quickly
  • Base unit has 1 x network port and 1 x USB port unlocked - Additional unlocked ports can be purchased to enable up to 54 printers to be supported from a single unit
  • Comprehensive barcode support - for up-to 60 x 1D barcodes and 8 x 2D barcodes
  • Comprehensive support for PCL5 - Kyocera PreScribe, SAP Unicode, Epson FS100 and IBM Proprinter emulations
  • Allows the user to print on ANY Xerox PCL printer or MFD
  • Can be served with print applications - such as barcodes, data parsing, font and form distribution
  • Integrates seamlessly with ERP applications - including SAP R/3, Peoplesoft, JD Edwards, Oracle and BAAN

Your Challenges

Organisations often find it difficult to manipulate their existing datastream to allow more flexible printing across a variety of output devices.

Key Challenges

  • Often expensive and complicated software needs to be installed on the server in order to allow datastream manipulation
  • This type of software can often be difficult to install, configure, and support
  • It is complicated for organisations to migrate from low quality dot-matrix multi-part impact printing to cut sheet laser printing
  • Organisations that have legacy applications written in Prescribe language are tied to Kyocera printers and MFDs
  • In order to move from limiting legacy applications, organisations often have to go to the expense of reprogramming their software

How Xerox Can Help

The Fontware DataSTORM unit is a simple hardware solution to allow easy print datastream manipulation on ANY Xerox PCL printer or MFD.

  • DataSTORM is a more cost-effective solution - than expensive server-based software
  • As a turnkey hardware unit, DataSTORM is easy to install, configure and support
  • It allows organisations a simple upgrade path from legacy dot-matrix and Prescribe printing applications to a more open platform
  • Each DataSTORM unit supports up to 54 devices so you don't need to have a unit physically attached to each printer
  • DataSTORM is compatible with ANY Xerox PCL device rather than requiring a different solution for various Xerox devices
  • DataSTORM removes the need to employ expensive reprogramming resource and speeds up systems migration

Why Choose Xerox?

  • Compatible with ALL PCL Xerox printers or MFDs
  • DataSTORM has been extensively tested across the Xerox range, guaranteeing seamless integration
  • The procurement process is easier as your Xerox Account Manager will handle both your barcoding and printing requirements
  • Single point of contact for any support issues