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iXware Scanning Server

Optimize your digital workflow with iXware scanning server. Easily scan documents to digital networks or applications.
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iXware Scanning Server gives you the complete freedom to support your business processes; to make (paper) documents part of your digital workflow. iXware Scanning turns your Xerox multifunctional printer (MFP) into the on-ramp for that digital workflow and makes it truly multifunctional with the full power and functionality of the iXware solution at your disposal. Create an even more beneficial solution by combing iXware Scanning with iXware Fax.

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Key Features

  • Easy to store
    Simply walk up to the MFP, select the appropriate scan template from the iXware client, answer the question (s) as defined by your organisation and iXware will OCR the document and archive it digitally as a text-searchable PDF document on your network or in your business application for storage and processing.
  • Easy to retrieve
    Because iXware stores the documents as text-searchable PDF files and other document formats, you can use Acrobat Reader or any desktop search engine to find the right document. You can search by metadata, such as the answers to the questions entered at the time of scanning, or you can search by content. A supplier name, a customer reference, an address field, an amount… anything will let you find the right document instantly.
  • Easy to integrate
    Use iXware's open standards philosophy to integrate with any business application (ERP/CRM/DM) without a connector. iXware Scanning gets your documents to where you need them, how you need them.
  • Easy to use
    The user has a single interface on the MFP for scanning, faxing and emailing from the device. Email comes free with either iXware Scanning or Fax. It's intuitive. It's easy!
  • Easy to configure
    The iXware scanning templates provide complete freedom to support your business process. Templates are easy to create and modify. Simply create the relevant questions for the user to answer. Answers can be manually input (alpha/numeric) or selected from database tables on the Xerox device.
  • Easy to expand
    iXware Scanning can easily be expanded with other iXware modules with one plus one equaling more than two. A few examples:

    • Fax and email - Fax and/or Scanning functionality in a single solution and Xerox Extensible Interface Platform (EIP) user interface. iXware's modular structure lets you combine now or add later. iXware Scanning's OCR functionality adds value to the iXware Fax module by letting you store fax messages as text-searchable PDF files.
    • XML - iXware's XML module lets you store scanned documents in business applications such as Document Management, CRM or ERP, but it also lets you generate fax messages from these applications. Use iXware to convert existing digital files on your network or in business applications to text searchable PDF documents.
    • Redundancy/Failover/Load Balancing - Deploy iXware's redundancy options for mission-critical environments.

Your Challenges

More and more types of communications find their way to your organisation. Businesses need a clear overview of all these kinds of communication and must be able to manage them in order to maximise productivity, improve responsiveness, and reduce costs.

Key Challenges

  • Integration of paper documents into automated workflows and/or complete integration with ERP, CRM and DM systems.
  • Compliance: Xerox and iXware can "close the leak" in the audit trail for scanning, helping organisations achieve compliance with Sarbanes Oxley, HIPAA, EU Directives, local legislation, ISO requirements and many others.
  • Archiving: More and more organisations are coming to the realisation that a paper archive is cumbersome, costly and ineffective. A digital archive is infinitely more practical and cost effective. iXware and Xerox convert paper documents into a digital format, making them part of the digital workflow and the digital archive.
  • Cost savings: Organisations spend between 5% and 15% of the total company revenue handling documents. (source: IDC)
  • Case files: Availability of accurate and up-to-date files is important to any organisation. In some industries it's mission critical. Lawyers, accountants, notaries, insurance companies and realtors are just a few examples.
  • Efficiency: Through integration of iXware with Xerox MFPs, email applications, archiving solutions and business applications such as ERP and CRM,scanned documents become part of integrated business processes.
  • Transparency: Centralisation and digitalisation create uniformity of process as well as transparency.
  • Carbon footprint: Manual hardcopy archiving of paper documents is costly and carries a vast carbon footprint: office space, paper, toner, duplication of documents for sharing, etc.
  • Retrieval of paper documents is time-consuming and often impossible.

How Xerox Can Help

iXware is a dedicated Xerox solution for document digitisation. Use iXware to intuitively scan-to-archive, scan-to-fax and scan-to-email, directly from any Xerox EIP-enabled MFP.

  • Easy to integrate
    iXware's open standards philosophy allows us to quickly integrate with any business application, including less common ones. SOAP/XML, web services and flat file transfers are just examples of the standards we can integrate with. Off-the-shelf connectors are available for most common applications such as MS SharePointPortal, SAP, Docushare, MS Dynamics, etc.
  • Easy to use and store
    Use the Xerox EIP interface to answer one or several questions about the document, press Scan, and the iXware Scanning Module OCRs and stores the document as a text-searchable PDF file on the network or sends it to an application.
  • Easy to retrieve
    Simply search for your document by metadata or content.
  • Easy to install
    Create templates for users to select or enter the metadata with the template wizard.
  • Easy to combine
    Integrate fax and scanning functionality in a single solution and EIP user interface. iXware's modular structure lets you combine now or add later. iXware's redundancy (with fail-over and load balancing) options are available for mission-critical applications.

Why Choose Xerox?

  • iXware Fax and Scanning solutions integrate natively with Xerox EIP-enabled equipment
  • Providing the Xerox MFP with scanning functionality in combination with the iXware Scan Server ensures an even more valuable MFP and considerably improves your workflows.
  • Xerox and iXware allow you to utilise and fully integrate with your organisations IT backbone