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Macro 4 IOP Cost Accounting

Cost control and print accounting software for print and copy usage.
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IOP Cost Accounting from Macro 4 provides full cost transparency for print and copy usage for each device, by user, cost centre, department and print job detail.

Key Features

  • Get full cost recovery by combining IOP data with external data for further analysis and for accurate billing of departments and clients.
  • Increase the visibility of document output costs to improve understanding and increase awareness, which leads to more effective and efficient use throughout your organization.
  • Perform incident management and SLA reporting with the device data.
  • A module of the Intelligent Office Printing solution from Macro 4, IOP Cost Accounting can be deployed as a single module or in conjunction with other IOP features, such as IOP OnCall Printing and/or Zone Printing.

Your Challenges

If you want to make changes to your printing infrastructure to encourage cost savings, your decisions need to be based on actual usage data. Having full cost transparency of your printing, copying and scanning output provides you with the information you need to make informed decisions.

Key Challenges

  • Management has little knowledge of their printer infrastructure, its effectiveness and usage, or the operating and lifetime costs of individual devices.
  • For Finance managers, office printing is an uncontrolled, hidden, and unallocated cost that cannot be recouped.

How Xerox Can Help

IOP Cost Accounting from Macro 4 print accounting software provides a detailed breakdown of usage and costs by user so accurate costs can be allocated to departmental budgets. With cost visibility, more effective use of the printing infrastructure can be encouraged and the results measured.

  • Cross charge departments for usage of the output infrastructure and devices
  • Recharge customers accurately or assign document output costs to projects
  • Identify cost savings from business rules or print policy enforcement
  • Identify under utilised devices for optimisation or removal
  • Provide increased visibility and awareness of document output costs to your users to influence more effective use of the device fleet
  • Have an asset register of output devices that is accurate and up-to-date
  • Perform SLA reporting with user incident and device data

Why Choose Xerox?

  • Intelligent Office Printing (IOP) utilises the advanced functionality of Xerox Extensible Interface Platform (EIP) to bring simple control and accountability to document workflow in the office environment and beyond.
  • Solution expertise - Xerox has the expertise and knowledge to provide the best consultative approach to dealing with your hardware and software solution requirement
  • Compatible with the most devices - The competition's compatibility within their own product line is much more limited
  • Easier purchase process than the competition because your Xerox representative will handle both your hardware and software needs
  • Better customer service with one point of contact for hardware and/or software support