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Macro 4 IOP Device Monitoring

Enables the electronic gathering of data through continuous device monitoring of the office printing environment
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IOP Device Monitoring from Macro 4 provides vendor-independent, network device management needed to proactively manage a "ready for action" device fleet. Additionally, IOP Device Monitoring acts as the foundation for reliable cost accounting for recovering print costs from departments and clients, as well as accurate Incident Management and SLA reporting.

Key Features

  • Automatically monitor all output devices; identifying consumables usage, page volumes, and device status
  • IT Help Desk can proactively monitor and maintain devices to reduce call volumes and improve service levels. Plus, just in time consumables procurement reduces inventory costs.
  • Asset management is automated, eliminating time consuming and error-prone manual data collection. Usage data collection is reliable for accurate reporting, cost recovery, capacity planning, device purchasing and deployment.
  • A module of the Intelligent Office Printing solution from Macro 4, IOP Device Monitoring can be deployed as a single module or in conjunction with other IOP capabilities, such as Cost Accounting and/or Zone Printing.

Your Challenges

Having an accurate understanding of the output devices deployed in their organization is a key challenge, often requiring significant and tedious manual effort.

Key Challenges

  • Inaccurate asset register of your output device fleet
  • High cost of managing and servicing your output fleet
  • High cost and frequency of service engineer site visits
  • High consumable stock levels or levels that are too low to keep devices running
  • Too much downtime of printers and MFPs

How Xerox Can Help

IOP Device Monitoring automatic device detection, accurate tracking and real-time monitoring provide the reliable basis needed for complete network device management. Printers can be proactively managed and issues addressed as they arise, reducing printer downtime and user frustration.

  • Automatic discovery and detection of devices eliminating costly manual detection.
  • More productive help desks by providing proactive incident management through configurable alerts and notifications
  • Allows service engineers to diagnose the exact type of device incident, so that site visits for problems such as 'Tray Open' can be eliminated.
  • Engineers will have the right parts to fix the incident when site visits are required
  • Reports and alerts on consumable levels to enable just-in-time consumables replenishment.
  • Ensures proactive monitoring, faster incident response and resolution for high service availability.

Why Choose Xerox?

  • Intelligent Office Printing (IOP) utilises the advanced functionality of Extensible Interface Platform (EIP) to bring simple control and accountability to document workflow in the office environment and beyond.
  • Solution expertise - Xerox has the expertise and knowledge to provide the best consultative approach to dealing with your hardware and software solution requirement
  • Compatible with the most devices - The competition's compatibility within their own product line is much more limited
  • Easier purchase process than the competition because your Xerox representative will handle both your hardware and software needs
  • Better customer service with one point of contact for hardware and/or software support