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Mentecaptus Barr EOM

Manage costs and print security of users, devices, and documents.
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Barr EOM is a cost control, tracking and management software solution – not just for office printing but for production, ERP, distributed and electronic delivery environments. Barr EOM integrates all of these environments, allowing maximum printing cost savings and efficiencies across an entire enterprise.

Key Features

  • Track and log how printers and copiers are being used and by whom
  • Accounting by user, department, client code, document, workflow process, and device
  • Quota management: credits can be distributed to users or groups
  • Rules-based printing so print behavior can be managed and affected
  • Reporting can be integrated with customer’s MIS
  • Client and project billing with support for job ticketing and web storefront
  • Active device monitoring and failover with proactive alerts and notifications
  • Job-ready for your device (PDL Transforms) - including PCL, PS, PDF, Text, AFP, Metacode, LCDS, and IPDS
  • Route a document to multiple destinations simultaneously (such as printers, archive, email, web, etc.)
  • Document security enforcement: parse for undesired content. Apply security watermarks.
  • Scalability from departments to whole offices to businesses with multiple locations
  • SAP certified integration with 3rd party databases and other ERP systems
  • Web-based user access and document library
  • EIP certified -
    • Secure print allows users to release their print jobs at the device
    • Track and log all print, copy & scan activity
    • Add project/client code

Your Challenges

Do you know what you spend on printing? Do you know who, what and where it is being printed? This is the first challenge in getting a handle on your printing costs. And then, how can you implement these best practices within your company quickly, seamlessly and measured? Barr EOM allows you to do all this.

Key Challenges

  • Discovering your complete printing environment
  • Knowing the costs, even the not so obvious ones (IT, servers, licenses)
  • Optimising resources for more efficient copying and printing
  • Optimising jobs across environments (office to production, production to distributed office)
  • Reducing colour to appropriate uses
  • Affecting user behavior with quotas and rules-based printing
  • Stopping unauthorised printing
  • Integrating devices, no matter the make or model
  • Recovering cost wherever possible (bill-backs, client billing)
  • Automating processes
  • Eliminating bottlenecks
  • Reducing costs associated with Help-Desk and IT
  • Reporting on office, distributed and data center print
  • Keeping your documents from prying eyes (secure release)
  • Integrating cloud printing into your enterprise
  • Incorporating smart phones and tablet printing

How Xerox Can Help

Barr EOM is the ultimate optimiser of print and document delivery across an entire enterprise. Not limited to just controlling office print, ERP print or managing a production environment, Barr EOM exponentially maximises efficiency across all of these environments for extreme savings. With embedded solutions available for EIP-enabled Xerox devices, Barr EOM can:

  • Increase productivity by letting the documents do the walking
  • Increase security by having users log on at the MFP before they use the device
  • Recover printing costs by requiring users to enter bill-codes
  • Minimise printing costs with quotas

Why Choose Xerox?

  • Barr EOM is a fully integrated solution for Xerox products
  • Together, we have an extensive track record for delivering solutions to businesses of all sizes
  • Partners for over 25 years (Xerox Platinum Partner)
  • Global solutions - local service
  • One point of contact for hardware and software