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SteelBinding by Unibind

Binding systems and covers for printed documents and photo prints
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Bind your documents with the highest precision, and impress your clients, employees and prospects, using Unibind premium binding systems. All of your documents and photo prints are bound in no time and displayed professionally. Depending on your needs, frequency of use, budget and purpose, you can choose from a broad range of SteelBinding products, including Resin, Punch and Staple.

Resin SteelBinding: Patented technology allows you to bind all documents in about 90 seconds with a minimum of manual labor. Numerous customization options make Resin SteelBinding ideal for both the occasional and intensive user. Resin SteelBinding is so durable that the paper in the book will rip apart before the spine will fail. It's also the only thermal binding system that allows you to easily add or remove pages from the same cover.

Punch SteelBinding: Use your current wire binding system to benefit from Unibind Punch SteelBinding. Make durable, hardcover books and bind all kinds of thick, non-flexible or laminated papers.

Staple SteelBinding: You don't need to invest in a specialized binding system; the Staple SteelBinding System from Unibind only requires a stapler to bind your documents and photo prints. It's user-friendly so everyone can do it, anywhere, anytime.

Key Features

  • Premium binding quality: Every Unibind cover, standard or tailor-made is designed out of A-class raw and finishing materials and a patented steel spine.
  • Patented technology: At the back, each Unibind cover is provided with a U-formed steel spine. This distinctive and fundamental part of the cover protects every document or photo book binding on three sides.
  • Customization options: Customize our standard covers with hot foil, silkscreen, transfer or offset printing or produce your own special transparent or hard book covers. You define the size, material, pattern etc. and Unibind makes it for you.
  • Professional presentation: Directly reflect the quality of the products and services you provide. Our premium cover finishes and accessories add a refined and professional look to any bound document.
  • Constant innovation: From concept up to production: all covers, customer binding machines and production machinery are 100% Unibind. This way each product is fabricated at the uppermost level so we guarantee an impeccable quality.
  • Durability: The steel spine guarantees a durable and solid binding that can withstand years of intensive use.
  • Cost-saving investment: Our SteelBinding systems require less maintenance because they are made with premium materials.
  • Environmentally responsible: Unibind produces its binding systems using renewable energy. Moreover, the manufacturer carries an FSC certificate for all its hard book covers.

Your Challenges

Providing customer friendly premium products and services which contribute to the improvement of communication between people. Through constant innovation, Unibind strives for the best in binding quality and a maximum in flexibility for every binding, presentation or archiving purpose.

Key Challenges

  • Innovating the binding market through active follow-up of customer's feedback, thorough market research and implementation of advanced technologies.
  • Strengthening corporate image by offering a wide range of accessories and personalization options to create completely tailor-made presentation solutions.
  • Minimizing binding costs by eliminating the need for outsourcing binding work.
  • Reducing the workload through a fast, user-friendly binding process.
  • Offering premium binding quality which is free of maintenance through use of A-class raw and finishing materials.
  • Creating durable binding systems that can withstand the test of time in terms of usage, carrying accurate documentation and up-to-date design.
  • Establishing a user-friendly and flexible binding system with an extended standard range of binding covers.
  • Producing environmentally responsible products using renewable energy so customers may bind while reducing their impact on the environment.

How Xerox Can Help

The SteelBinding by Unibind technology allows binding paper output from Xerox products. Therefore, the Unibind binding systems complement and support all Xerox products in the after-print process.

  • Improve productivity and efficiency through an easier, more user-friendly binding process.
  • Reduce costs through more effective use of equipment and supplies shipping costs and by eliminating the need for outsourcing.
  • Communicate and collaborate better with customers and business partners by turning documents into professional presentations with a corporate image.

Why Choose Xerox?

  • High quality printing equipment for excellent binding results.
  • Compatibility with all Xerox devices for completely customized and professional documents.
  • The worldwide distribution network enables you to find familiar solutions around the world.
  • Innovating company with the latest technology and trendsetting equipment.