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xBrowse brings Microsoft Windows Explorer to the Xerox multifunction printer
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xBrowse Extensible Interface Platform (EIP)-based software allows users to give a document a meaningful name and decide on its destination folder (local or network) during the actual scanning process.
Additionally, xBrowse lets users print directly from the usual folder structure so the proximity and access to a computer are no longer necessary.

Key Features

  • Displays Microsoft Windows Explorer directly on the multifunction printer
  • Allows direct navigation in commonly used folders
  • Scans documents into the designated folders (local or network)
  • Give documents a meaningful name using the touch screen of the multifunctional device
  • Eliminates the need for intricate processes like "scan to email" or "scanning via profiles"
  • Select and print documents on the multifunction printer directly from the usual folder structure
  • Create favorites for storing scanned documents
  • Facilitates text recognition through OCR
  • Enables user authentication (integrated xBrowse users, Windows, domain)
  • Automatically name files
  • Easily install and configure

Your Challenges

Until now, scanning with multifunction devices using profiles or "scan to email" was not very comfortable because scanned documents had to be renamed and then moved to the desired folder.Print jobs had to be initiated directly on a computer. If the wrong document was printed, it was necessary to re-initiate the print job after walking back to the computer.

Key Challenges

  • Scanning is underutilized in most companies.
  • "Scanning via profiles" or "scan to email" gains little acceptance with users because these workflows are not user-friendly.
  • "Scan to file" is a purely static process consisting of many steps for the user to correctly name and store a scanned document.
  • "Scan to email" puts a strain on mailboxes by increasing their size, and leads to additional network traffic on email servers.
  • "Scanning via profiles" quickly becomes difficult to administer if there are many users.
  • Profiles statically point to folders, so that all profiles must be modified if changes take place within the network.

How Xerox Can Help

xBrowse saves you work because scanned documents can be directly stored in the folder where they are meant to be, with a file name that enables you to find the document again quickly.

Additionally, it is possible to select a document to be printed directly on the multifunction printer. Frequently needed templates can be easily retrieved with xBrowse as well, eliminating the need to carry the original template with you at all times.

  • Thanks to its easy and intuitive usage, xBrowse is a unique advantage for Xerox multifunction printers.
  • xBrowse brings the file system folder structure directly to the multifunction printer, It allows users to navigate through the file system and store objects just like on a personal computer, after easy authentication.
  • A scanned document can be given a meaningful file name and stored where it is meant to be stored. Also, the OCR functionality of the Xerox system can be used during the scanning process, so that a keyword-based search truly makes it easier to find a file.
  • A scan template is no longer needed on the Xerox system. The number of users who can work with xBrowse is unlimited. Therefore, profile administration is no longer necessary.
  • Easily navigate through commonly used folders and print directly from the file system without using a PC.
  • Directly access frequently used documents, such as forms, without being required to have the original template ready.
  • Usage can be explained in a few minutes and the program can be used intuitively afterwards, ensuring a high level of user friendliness.
  • Save many steps because scanned documents can be stored directly in their final destination and be given a meaningful name, saving a lot of time and money.
  • Files can be directly printed from the usual, well-known folders.

Why Choose Xerox?

  • xBrowse is designed to integrate seamlessly with Xerox multifunction printers running EIP.
  • Customers with existing Xerox EIP enabled hardware can use XBrowse to increase the reach and effectiveness of their devices.
  • xBrowse is fully supported by the Xerox analyst community. As a customer you get full analyst support, from helping to define the solution and ensuring you have the right elements, to implementing the solution, to providing post sales support.
  • You can lease the entire solution deal - Xerox hardware and xBrowse - and have the convenience of one invoice, which saves money and makes it easy to see exactly what you are paying for.