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COVID-19 Resources

In the News

  • A face mask being made out of a printer filter on a sewing machine

    How Xerox Turned Printer Filters into Face Masks

    When the call went out at Xerox to think about new ways to use materials on hand to help the coronavirus humanitarian effort, Mark Adiletta, long-time Xerox engineering manager, had a crazy thought: What if we use printer filters to make medical-grade face masks?

  • Two students from Reno Schools standing next to their Xerox PrimeLink printer

    Reno Schools Move Students to Remote Learning Over a Weekend, With an Assist from Xerox

    With a surprising number of families that lacked at-home access to computers, the school district reached out to Xerox to help them scale up their printing services as fast as possible.

  • Half gallon bottle of hand sanitizer

    How Xerox Pivoted to Manufacture Much-Needed Hand Sanitizer

    As the first bottles of hand sanitizer rolled off a Xerox production line in Ontario and Webster, N.Y., more than a dozen employees—wearing protective gear and employing social distancing—were on hand in both locations to celebrate a feat of applied materials expertise and organizational nimbleness.

  • Ventilator

    Xerox and Vortran Medical Partnering to Mass Produce Disposable Ventilators

    Xerox and Vortran Medical Technology are teaming up to speed and scale production of Vortran’s GO2Vent ventilator and related Airway Pressure Monitor (APM-Plus) for hospitals and emergency response units fighting the battle against COVID-19.

How Xerox is Helping Customers Fight COVID-19

How Xerox is Helping Customers Fight COVID-19 YouTube Video

Health and Safety Advice

  • 3 doctors reading and discussing data

    Xerox’s Ongoing Response to COVID-19

    We want to share some of the actions we have taken to keep the entire Xerox community safe while minimising impact to our operations and yours amid this public emergency.

  • A customer service rep wearing a phone headset, looking at a computer screen

    Our Commitment to You During the COVID-19 Crisis

    Helping our clients achieve their business objectives is our highest priority

  • A modern, open workplace with footprints on the wall and a VersaLink C405 MFP

    Xerox Print Devices Cleaning Guidance

    Learn how to effectively clean Xerox devices and maintain a healthy work environment.

Woman working on a laptop with coffee nearby

Remote Work Tools

We offer IT services, laptops, home office printers, 24/7 support, and remote learning to help businesses adapt to face new challenges.

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Expert Advice to Keep Your Business Running Smoothly

  • Woman working on a laptop at home

    How to Meet When You Can’t Actually Meet

    As office professionals begin to settle into their unexpected work from home routines, one typical workplace element persists: meetings.

  • A man working on a laptop next to a window

    When Working From Home Isn’t a Choice

    Simple Ways to Stay Focused and Productive

  • A man giving a presentation in a meeting room with charts behind him

    Strategies for Managing Your Business in Uncertain Times

    Each team’s particular situation is unique, but here are best practices for owners and managers to help their teams adapt, according to experts.

  • A person working on a laptop, with a tablet, looking at printed graphs

    Making the Transition to Working from Home

    Read our Xerox guide to find out how to make the transition to working from home easier, even if you work in a hardware or hard science laboratory.

  • A man in a home office working on a computer with a cup of coffee

    We Can Do This: Finding Professional Alignment in an Upended World

    James Glasnapp, social scientist, future of work expert, and consultant to Xerox PARC, shares how to make the most of an enforced slow-down and realign work accordingly.

  • A digital fingerprint with a lock icon over a lit-up computer chip

    Seven Ways Businesses Can Strengthen WFH Security

    Many businesses have employees that are now working work home for the foreseeable future. Help them manage their network security.