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The Xerox® ElemX™ 3D Printer: Adding Resiliency to Supply Chains YouTube Video

The Xerox® ElemX 3D Printer: Adding Resiliency to Supply Chains

What are the elements of a resilient supply chain?

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The Need for Operational Resiliency Today

Adaptability and flexibility are necessary tools in today’s ever-changing markets. The operational resiliency that is achieved through additive manufacturing will empower your business to continue and recover regardless of what’s happening in the world.

Agile Manufacturing Capabilities

Businesses can now produce the parts they need, when needed, where needed, reducing inventory and shipping costs. 3D printing strengthens supply chains by enabling rapid, on-demand manufacturing to proactively react to market volatility and combat supply chain disruptions. Additive manufacturing also drives sustainability to your supply chain through carbon footprint reduction over traditional production methods.

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Liquid metal printed "X"s

Elem 3D Printing Solutions for Manufacturing

ElemX, Xerox’s proprietary liquid metal printing technology, offers unparalleled ease of implementation and ease of use. Utilising wire instead of powders reduces the costly facility modifications and the cumbersome ongoing management of hazardous and toxic powders. ElemX produces production-grade parts with a fast time-to-part and reduced total cost-of-ownership versus competing technologies.

To deliver the best customer experience, Xerox brings a customer service network held to the highest standards to support manufacturers around the world.

ElemX Resources and Additional Information

Smartphone showing Xerox 3D printing resources

Access more detailed information on the ElemX printer, including product specifications, material data sheets, design guides and safety documentation. The ElemX 3D liquid metal printer uses off-the-shelf aluminum wire to produce production-grade parts at lower cost than traditional production methods. Use our cost calculator for a basic price comparison of printing parts using ElemX versus competing technologies. The calculator was co-developed with AMPOWER, a leading independent 3D printing consultancy.

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In-depth Insights: Liquid Metal Printing Technology Report

Request a copy of the In-depth Insights report on Xerox’s 3D liquid metal printing technology.

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Gallery of 3D Printed Parts

View a selection of 3D printed parts from the ElemX liquid metal 3D printer. Just a few examples of how additive manufacturing is optimizing the product lifecycle.

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Making Supply Chains Resilient

Expert Insights

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Liquid metal 3D printed part

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3D printed objects including a stylized Xerox "x"

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3D image parts

Xerox ElemX Liquid Metal Printer to be used by Naval Postgraduate School in US military research efforts

3d liquid metal printing

This huge Xerox printer can create metal parts for the US Navy

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