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3manager is a resource management tool for copiers and printers of any manufacturer to optimize and control your printing costs
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3manager is a resource management solution for copiers and printers that reduces printing costs. Many IT departments are finding out that the cost of not having a resource management system – or having the wrong system – can be very high.

Getting the right information about your copying and printing operation at the right time has never been more critical, especially when decisions are made about procurement and how to optimise the printer/copier workflow.

With 3manager in place, you can reduce many printing costs associated with copying and printing processes. Start by using 3manager for an audit, and then extend the contract to continue to have access to the financial overview, analysis and printing cost control the product brings you.

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Key Features

  • Know your exact printing costs, potential savings and procurement needs
  • Manage your contracts
  • Streamline your operation with ongoing analysis
  • Access critical information in real-time
  • Respond rapidly to changes
  • Know your kWh consumption and CO2 emissions in detail

Your Challenges

IT executives and finance executives are becoming more aware of printing costs and need the appropriate tools to maintain an up-to-date overview.

Until now, it has been difficult or even impossible to get a quick snapshot to find out if device optimisation and savings are possible, as well as data to ensure that new purchases fit the real needs of the business.

A central device management tool combined with a financial overview and analysis capability has not been available on the market until now.

Xerox concessionaries have also been looking for a tool which provides more than just device status and counters, one which provides an overview for the customer as well as the reseller.

Key Challenges

  • Companies need an independent and quick overview of the entire operation, technical as well as financial
  • IT departments don’t have the time to do an assessment manually – they need an automatic, on-going analysis process
  • Corporate procurement needs an accurate overview in order to purchase the right copying and printing devices.

How Xerox Can Help

3manager is a web-based solution, where all relevant information regarding copy and printing is stored and processed.

3manager provides a quick, up-to-date overview of usage including total pages printed by organisational structure, as well as printing costs, environmental reporting, service costs, lease/rental costs and potential savings.

3manager can be used as an audit tool, and later as a financial resource management tool.

  • Hosted. 3manager is a hosted solution - no servers or expensive equipment are required to get started. (However, local hosting is also an option.)
  • Easy to install. 3manager only needs to have a small agent installed, which takes 2-5 minutes. The agent communicates with your hosted 3manager account.
  • Easy to use. Just open an internet browser and log in to your account. Access up-to-date information from anywhere in the world – or restrict it to your specific organisation.
  • Central installation. If you have one big network, you only need 1 agent! No need to install anything on your printers.

Why Choose Xerox?

With Xerox - 3manager, the company will increase efficiency when managing all aspects of printers and copiers. - fromstandard management of multi-brand environments to professional analysis and visualising how to optimise and control printing costs.

Xerox 3manager will make sure that everything is streamlined and working as smoothly as possible, making sure that your company is working from the most optimal printing solution and strategy.

  • Get an overview of all important areas within your MFP and printer operation, including your printing volume, your expenses, your purchase requirements and the possibilities of optimising your operation
  • Automate time-consuming tasks
  • Get an overview of all manufacturer brands on the network
  • Know your exact printing costs, potential savings and procurement needs
  • Streamline your operation with ongoing analysis
  • Access critical information in real time
  • Respond rapidly to changes
  • Know your KwH consumption and CO2 an emission in detail
  • Receive email alerts automatically when areas in your MFP and printer operation need your attention
  • Retrieve reports manually or get them automatically