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Secure, mobile printing solution
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EveryonePrint is a secure and mobile printing for users of mobile devices such as laptops, smartphones, Apple® iPad devices and netbooks. Users can simply send their documents by email, upload them to the web, or use a universal driver on any platform (Windows, Mac and Linux).

Once submitted, documents can be printed directly to a specific printer or multifunction printer (MFP), securely released on a Xerox Extensible Interface Platform (EIP) device by user authentication on the Xerox display or by card, or routed onto an existing print or cost management solution, with all the features such a solution offers.

EveryonePrint provides mobile printing for staff, partners and customers. It does not require users to be on the local network to receive full authentication and security.

Using EveryonePrint in education makes it extremely easy for students and guests to print, and saves significant resources for IT departments. Any student can simply email, upload or print via driver to the printers on the network. They can do so without being logged on to the network or loading special drivers or software on their personal devices, regardless of platform and operating system.

Key Features

  • Easy submission of documents by email, upload or driver
  • Intuitive web user interface for print job submission
  • Interface in user's own language
  • Online user authentication in LDAP or Active Directory
  • Locally installed at customer
  • End-to-end encryption
  • Support for 3rd party cost recovery solutions (without extra charge)
  • Secure Print Release on Xerox EIP devices (without extra charge)

Your Challenges

Students, mobile workers and guests need to be able to print from their wireless laptops and mobile devices whether they are inside a company, university or meeting room. Until now, it has been difficult or impossible to print from wireless laptops and mobile devices with full integration to print accounting solutions and user authentication, especially when users were not logged onto a corporate or university network.

Key Challenges

  • Students want to print from their personal laptop or other mobile device, without adding special software or drivers
  • Campus IT wants to provide mobile printing, without the need to set up each student laptop
  • IT departments struggle with supporting numerous device platforms and operating systems
  • Mobile workers must be able to print without needing to login on a network
  • Mobile workers need to be able to print while on the move
  • Mobile workers need to print confidential information, with authentication before print release
  • IT departments have a need for a fully secure and mobile print solution, which is installed internally, and with full encryption and end-to-end security

How Xerox Can Help

EveryonePrint is a locally installed, secure, mobile printing solution for mobile workers, students, guests or employees who frequently need to print from wireless laptops or mobile devices. This all-in-one solution offers flexible licensing models per device or per server. EveryonePrint also provide a Secure Print feature, with end-to-end encryption and authentication on Xerox displays.

With the Xerox Extensible Interface Platform (EIP), users can send a job stored in the secure cloud in the customer's network, and go to any Xerox multifunction printer (MFP) to see their print job listed at the MFP display.

  • Locally installed. EveryonePrint is installed locally with the customer; no data or information is sent to third parties or outside the network.
  • Easy to install. EveryonePrint installs in minutes on any Microsoft Windows® server platform and is fully managed and configured via a simple web interface
  • Easy to use. Send an email with attachments to print, or submit a job from the web page, or print from your application with the EveryonePrint universal driver from any platform (Windows, Mac and Linux).
  • No IT resources. There is no software or printer driver to install and no call is necessary to connect the user to the network.
  • Security. EveryonePrint is a secured solution with full data encryption from a user's device to the printer.

Why Choose Xerox?

All you need are EveryonePrint and a Xerox EIP-enabled device in order for EveryonePrint to authenticate via a Xerox display. It works on a broad range of Xerox EIP-enabled devices without needing any extra options from Xerox.