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Nirva Post On Demand

Hybrid mail management solution
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Post On Demand is a proven, industrial solution to manage hybrid mail. It is available as software solution or as a service.

Post On Demand allows you to post or record post all of your documents (Word, OpenOffice, etc.) directly from your PC or servers and obtain postage and print cost reductions, productivity gains and unique security around outbound document management.

Post On Demand can be used by all organisations that send out mail and want to be more efficient.

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Key Features

  • Individual or mail merged documents: Submit individual or mail merged documents directly from your computer, smartphone, tablet or business application
  • Multi-channel: Send your documents via post, recorded post, fax or email
  • Signatures: Sign your documents online
  • Attachments: Add electronic letterheads, attachments, inserts, etc.
  • Validation: Have your documents automatically or manually validated
  • Categorisation: Let automatic document categorisation define your delivery options
  • Traceability: Track the status of your documents online
  • Security: Automatically archive your documents

Your Challenges

All organisations send out on average 4 documents per person per day by post or recorded post, excluding transactional documents. Those tasks are unproductive (2 minutes to send out a single letter, 1.5 hours for a letter to 150 contacts, etc.) and costly (highest stamp cost, high price per page, etc.). Moreover, there is no traceability or security linked to those deliveries.

Post On Demand brings productivity, postage and print cost reductions, and traceability to hybrid mail.

Key Challenges

  • Postage budget is extremely high: All organisations must post their hybrid/office mail at the highest possible cost
  • Staff lose time sending post: Sending post or registered mail is a low productivity task, with each mail item taking 1 to 4 minutes to post.
  • Lack of security around outgoing post: There is no control by the organisation in terms of quality, archiving or traceability of the post sent by their staff.
  • Organisations want to email: An increasing number of organisations want to gradually switch to email, but also have to manage a high proportion of paper mail in parallel
  • No traceability: Most organisations do not have any idea of the budget allocated to post, nor who posts what and when.
  • Return on marketing email is low: Return rates for email are rapidly decreasing, while paper mail is still expensive and unproductive to send

How Xerox Can Help

Post On Demand brings several benefits to users and their organisations:

  • Cost reductions by directing hybrid mail to central production facilities. Savings vary by country, between 10 and 35% per mail item. Cost reductions are mechanical: the more post is sent out, the more organisations save.
  • Productivity increase: Sending out post with Post On Demand takes between 10 and 60 seconds, saving valuable time. In large organisations, this represents thousands of man days over the year.
  • Traceability: All documents sent out are traced and their status displayed to the user online. Organisations have clear reports on who sends what, when, and at what cost.
  • Control over quality, volumes, budget, and content.
  • Switch to electronic. Post On Demand allows a gradual switch to electronic communication while sending out post.

Why Choose Xerox?

Post On Demand can be used with almost all Xerox products and services (office printers, production printers, workflow tools, partner tools, professional services, outsourcing services).

  • A complete offer. Xerox proposes a range of complementary solutions to solve all clients’ document issues. Post On Demand brings an additional string to the bow.
  • Expertise. All projects run with Xerox were successful thanks to combined Xerox and Nirva business and technical knowledge.
  • Financial solutions: Xerox and Nirva can offer rapid ROI through a range of financial options (software sale, click charges, SaaS, etc.)