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RTE Network FaxBox Corporate for Xerox

Send and receive faxes by email without installationFaxBox Corporate for Xerox : GO IP!
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FaxBox Corporate for Xerox is a fax mail service that allows you to easily send and receive faxes via email. It combines the power of an internet-based service with the power of Xerox multifunction printers, without any installation. It eliminates the need for fax machines, fax lines, fax boards and fax servers, and cuts the cost of sending and receiving faxes drastically.

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Key Features

  • Sending: Send a fax as easily as an email, printing a file, or making a copy at a MFP.
  • Receiving: Receive your faxes in your mailbox and use as many personal fax numbers as you want.
  • Traffic administration and monitoring: A simple and secure website allows you to consult any sent or incoming fax.

Your Challenges

Organisations are under great pressure to distribute business information in an efficient and cost effective manner, while increasing or maintaining security and regulatory compliance.

Key Challenges

  • High cost of labour, equipment, and supplies associated with manual faxing
  • High phone costs for multiple phone lines needed for fax devices
  • Lost productivity of workers that must spend time manually printing and faxing documents
  • Breakdown in security due to confidential or sensitive fax documents being lost or lying around the office unclaimed
  • Increased support burden due to large amounts of fax modems, phone lines, and stand-alone fax machines

How Xerox Can Help

With FaxBox Corporate for Xerox, sending a fax is as simple as sending an email. Just create an email, insert your attachments, then enter the destination fax number, click "Send", and it is faxed. You may also send faxes from an application or from a Xerox multifunction printer.

Benefits for users

  • Save time and improve productivity
    • Sending a fax with FaxBox Corporate for Xerox takes only 30 seconds vs. 7 minutes with a fax machine (Source: Davidson Consulting).
    • No need to print a document to fax it, no need to wait in front of the fax machine, no need to wait for the acknowledgement
  • Receiving: Immediate dispatch of incoming faxes
  • Easy to use: Sending and receiving faxes with FaxBox Corporate for Xerox is as simple as sending and receiving emails
  • Unify: Any kind of communication is available in the mailbox (email, sent faxes, incoming faxes...)
  • Security: Quickly find any fax sent or received up to one year ago
  • Confidential: Receive your faxes directly by email
  • Mobile: Send and receive faxes from any internet connection including WiFi or GPRS

Benefits for the finance manager

  • Reduce costs: paper, ink, hardware maintenance, phone line subscriptions
  • Productivity improved
  • Quick ROI (return on investment)

Benefits for the network administrator

  • Rationalization of hardware peripherals: concentrate the print, copy, fax and scan functions into only one multifunction printer
  • Secure platform, no breakdowns
  • Integration with ERP and information systems
  • No installation on individual workstations; easy to set up new users, branches or offices
  • Electronic archiving of the fax traffic

Why Choose Xerox?

  • Xerox multifunction printers are fast, reliable, easy to use, and utilize the latest technology
  • Xerox provides solutions to the evolving way that people work
  • Xerox provides solutions that address more and more stringent internal control and regulatory environment that businesses face