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SafeCom Go Xerox

Intelligent Pull Print management – authentication, security and cost control
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SafeCom delivers secure and cost efficient print and copy solutions with an emphasis on confidentiality, ease of use and environmental concern. With Xerox EIP-capable multifunction printers it is now possible to integrate SafeCom with the user interface on the MFP.

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Key Features

  • Financially viable: Focus on business critical printing, reduce operating costs and supplies usage and obtain fast return on investment.
  • Secure and confidential: Ensure document confidentiality and control access to printers and multifunction printers. Add SafeCom Encryption for additional security.
  • Revenue generating: Turn a cost center (print management) into a revenue generator. Use SafeCom Pay and Client Billing for partial or full cost recovery.
  • Environment friendly: Decrease the total volume of prints and save paper, toner and supplies.
  • Centralised administration: Central control and administration of servers, users, printers and MFPs through an easy-to-use administrator interface.
  • Visibility: Full visibility of all print and copy activities with SafeCom Tracking and SafeCom Reports.
  • Robust and reliable: Robust printing service, server architecture is designed to minimise the impact on the network and cluster Server to ensure minimum downtime.
  • Flexible and available: Documents follow users to their choice of printer allowing them to roam between locations and avoid downtime.
  • Scalable and enterprise ready: This modular solution suits any type or size organization and lets organizations "Pay as they grow".
  • Easy to integrate: Open platform with APIs that ensures compatibility and seamless integration with other middleware solutions and access control systems.

Extensible Interface Platform (EIP) capable Xerox devices can also take advantage of the following SafeCom Go Xerox features:

  • Collect your print jobs securely at any EIP-enabled device, when and where it suits you
  • User authentication allows access by user code, access card or windows login
  • Track print and copy jobs on the device and create detailed usage reports
  • Pay and billing system allows you to charge by user, client or department for print and copy jobs
  • Rule based printing to monitor and manage printing costs

Your Challenges

Studies show that up to 20 percent of all printed paper ends up in the waste paper basket. This is a lot of waste that can easily be avoided with the right print management solution. Not having a conscious printing strategy can be expensive as well as posing a real security risk.

Key Challenges


  • Choose a printing solution / strategy that optimises the business and saves money
  • Secure necessary confidentiality around document handling and printing
  • Focus necessary costs on business critical needs and improving efficiency
  • Monitor copy and print for individuals, departments or devices
  • Select a solution that allows charge back of print and copy costs


  • Get a printing solution with good ROI in regards to direct and indirect costs that also controls/reduces cost of printing, especially that of colour printing
  • Create cost-awareness through optimised device utilization reducing expensive printing on personal printers
  • Reduce paper and toner waste.


  • Integration with existing access control systems
  • Centrally controlled and simplified administration of printers and print queues
  • Improve robustness of printing and reduce maintenance calls
  • Secure bandwidth utilization

How Xerox Can Help

SafeCom allows the user (by using their own ID or access card) to "Pull Print" to any Xerox device on the network, LAN or WAN. SafeCom reduces downtime, saves money, reduces waste, and increases security.

  • Increased productivity: By using the user's own ID or access control card, prints can be pulled to any Xerox printer or multifunction printer on the network. This solves the problem if a particular device is out of order; just simply go to any device to retrieve your documents
  • Increased security and reduced waste: Documents are only printed once the user has identified themselves at the device. No more documents left in the output tray. No full waste paper baskets
  • Full control on mono and colour printing and copying
  • Cost recovery by user or department
  • Secure printing and copying from any Xerox multifunction printer
  • Save up to 25% on consumable costs: Helps any company to achieve environmental goals
  • Works in a multi-server environment
  • Most, if not all, ID or access control cards work with this SafeCom solution

Why Choose Xerox?

  • Xerox is the only manufacturer of print devices that can offer full direct support both pre sales and post sales for this Xerox SafeCom Print Solution
  • Xerox offers full pre install project design in order to fulfill each customer's specific requirement
  • Xerox offers a "proof of concept" period in order to confirm customer's needs
  • Xerox supplies with SafeCom a full print solution, not just the box
  • Xerox provides world wide support for the enterprise customer