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Software for remote control print job submission
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WebXPrint is a cross-platform, multilingual, multi-browser, easily deployable solution that establishes a dynamic link with a printing center to provide users with a real-time virtual counter.

Key Features

  • Web submit, advanced submit: WebXPrint offers multiple submission methods, including through the portal, user applications, email accounts or the Xerox Extensible Interface Platform (EIP).
  • PDF preview: Conversion to PDF format before sending the order ensures safety and the end result is your intended result. There is also an automatic font control.
  • Variable data management: By integrating variable information from databases, active directories or manual data entry, it's possible to dynamically create personalized documents.
  • Dynamic order form and incoherence management: Dynamically create order forms with the correct language and constraints.
  • Estimates: Instantly calculate order costs automatically or allow users to send manual estimate requests. An operator can change the order at any time.
  • Order process: Printing jobs are centralized on a unique interface. All received documents are in a PDF format, ready to be printed.
  • Document modification and composition: The operator can directly modify the document through the portal using specific tools.
  • Statistics: With only a few clicks, the administrator can monitor department activity or the types of print jobs submitted by users.
  • Follow-up, history, storage: Any job treated by an operator, work order transferred between printing centers, or other action is logged and saved in a specific history log file and can be archived at any time.
  • Managing settings and user access rights: The administrator enters all the environment configuration parameters and can easily create or modify user accounts and allocate personalized profiles.
  • Translations made easier with an integrated tool: WebXPrint integrates a complete software translation interface allowing language addition or word translation.
  • Printing centre peripherals management: An embedded monitoring module enables data extraction from printer counters incorporated inside printing centre peripherals.
  • Optimum safety: WebXPrint has a backup and recovery online system and offers a mirroring mode backup server.

Your Challenges

Years ago, many large companies led a broad, strategic research effort on managing printing priorities and production capabilities for their clients. But today, many documents do not comply with these industrialized production processes.

Key Challenges

  • Manage the document production and dispatching chain
  • Integrate client information systems and environments quickly and safely
  • Develop cost management policies while offering quality services to customers
  • Implement and monitor a printing policy with quality controls
  • Follow an environmental policy by restricting non-professional and unnecessary printing requests.

How Xerox Can Help

WebXPrint offers unique functionalities to Xerox clients. Users can send printing requests to the reprography department directly from their workstation or directly from the photocopier thanks to Xerox Extensible Interface Platform (EIP) technology.

Requests are completely managed by the WebXPrint portal and automatically sent to printing peripherals.

  • A simple and intuitive product: WebXPrint allows any user to express and send his requests to the printing center, with the assurance that all parameters requested for his order process have been correctly forwarded.
  • A solution for printing centers: WebXPrint allows print providers to free themselves from operations which are not critical to production, thus assuring better productivity.
  • A product based on market standards: WebXPrint does not request any extra software development or equipment and fits into any type of network.

Why Choose Xerox?

  • Optimized integration of all Xerox printing peripherals, and automatic monitoring and management of all the print room peripherals
  • WebXPrint solution is embedded in the EIP platform
  • Complete configuration and customization
  • Easy to integrate in the existing client environment
  • A pre-sale and advisory service allows implementation of partners' projects
  • Hotline and technical support services