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X-Out (Xerox Office Ubiquitech Terminal)

User authentication, pull printing and accounting solution
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Ubiquitech offers document security, pull printing, access control, accounting, and document management solutions for Xerox multifunction printers. Ubiquitech supports all Extensible Interface Platform (EIP)-capable Xerox multifunction printers with an embedded software solution and supports all other printers with a hardware terminal. It is ideal for both charging and non-charging environments.

Key Features

  • User Authentication
    • Short ID, Pin-code, Client Code
    • Card Reader
    • Fingerprint Reader
  • Mobility Pack
    • By using the built-in browser of your mobile phone, you can authenticate, view and change the print order of your print job queue - directly on your mobile phone screen.
  • Pull Printing
    • Print and get the document where and when you need it.
  • Accounting
    • The functionality gives organisations the possibility to obtain detailed information.
    • Web interface for reporting and configuration of servers, terminals, and users.
    • Accounting on print, copy, fax and scan.
    • Output volume and cost related to:
      • Users
      • Departments
      • Projects or customer

Your Challenges

Knowing how much your organisation spends on printing and copying the first step is to be able to control it. Tracking of print output for full user accountability, eliminating paper waste and misuse will create a more cost efficient company. With access control you make your work place a more secure place, where only those who should read the documents have the possibility to print them.

Key Challenges

  • Wasting time, money and company and environmental resources
  • Ineffective use of colour and paper
  • Security - keeping sensitive documents from being seen by those who shouldn't
  • Confidentiality - need-to-know is critical to uphold in companies with a high frequency of employee turnover
  • Flexibility - A company's business cannot stop due to a malfunction of the assigned printer.
  • Wearing down the IT department with printing-related problems

How Xerox Can Help

The Ubiquitech product for Xerox is a universal accounting, pull printing and document security solution that brings innovation and flexibility to the printing world and allows you to monitor and enforce and make accurate assessments.

  • Flexibility and Accessibility
    • Universal support - works with all Xerox printers and multifunction printers
    • Enhanced user mobility and efficiency through Pull Printing
    • Mobility - Users can choose freely between any MFP or printer that is connected to the network inside or outside the organisation.
  • Security
    • Eliminates unauthorized use of copying and printing devices. Only authorised users can output print jobs on the printer
    • Increased document output security and confidentiality
    • All print is kept confidential. Authentication is always required at the printer
  • Cost savings
    • Track print output for full user accountability
    • Eliminate consumable and paper waste and misuse
    • Cost recovery for professional services environments
    • Monitor and enforce the defined print policy
    • Facilitate the implementation of environmental certification throughout the organization
    • Accounting systems monitor who is copying and printing what, where and how
    • Administrators can define rules for automatic re-routing of print jobs to the most cost-effective devices

Why Choose Xerox?

  • Xerox supplies with Ubiquitech a complete print solution.
  • Easy purchase process because your Xerox representative will handle both your hardware and software needs.
  • Integrates seamlessly into your existing IT infrastructure and provides accounting accuracy for all of your Xerox products.
  • Information security through tight and secure integration with Xerox multifunction printers.