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Xerox Brand Protection

Xerox takes brand protection seriously and is dedicated to safeguarding our customers, intellectual property, corporate identity and products—especially Xerox manufactured supplies. Xerox has the expertise, technology and global team necessary to help prevent the misrepresentation of our brand.

Don’t be a victim. Using counterfeit toner and ink may:
  • Increase your service costs and damage your equipment
  • Produce documents with substandard print quality
  • Reduce overall productivity

Genuine Xerox toners and inks are manufactured and assembled to stringent specifications so you always know you're getting a safe and reliable product with every purchase.

Are your Xerox Supplies genuine?

Buying counterfeit products isn't illegal, but selling them is. Don’t fall victim to unscrupulous salespeople. No matter how appealing an offer sounds or how real a product looks, dealers in counterfeit merchandise are committing a crime.

Ensure it’s genuine Xerox toner or ink - look for the security label.

A unique serial number and barcode are printed on each genuine Xerox security label. The background changes to read: “GENUINE”, “ORIGINAL”, “AUTɎTICO” and “VȒITABLE” depending on viewing angles.

If you have concerns regarding the authenticity of any Xerox product, we encourage you to return the supply items to point of sale for replacement or refund.

If you have additional questions, concerns or to report suspicious activities contact:

Xerox Corporate Security
0044 (0) 1707 353250

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Learn how to detect counterfeit products and why counterfeit toner and ink can be harmful to your business.

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09 Jul 2014

Xerox Fights Back Against Black Market Printer Supplies

Xerox recently supported raids and prosecutions around the world to protect customers from counterfeit consumables and products, which unknowingly lead to damaged equipment, shoddy output and higher costs.

According to The Imaging Supplies Coalition, the estimated worldwide impact of counterfeiting is $3.5 to $5 billion annually. It’s an industry often targeted by counterfeit distributors because “fake” toner is often indistinguishable until it is used, and not often scrutinized by the consumer. But it comes at a price – including invalidating equipment warranties and inconsistent or poor print quality.

Counterfeit prevention efforts by Xerox include:
  • The confiscation of more than 1,500 boxes of fake toner cartridges that looked like authentic Xerox products from Zhuhai Warmth Electronic Co., Ltd., a compatible manufacturer in China. A cease-and-desist action forbids the company from using fake packaging. An identical action was brought against Zhuhai Supricolor Image Co., Ltd., in China, which is linked to Zhuhai Warmth.
  • Two organized raids in Brazil – including one in Maringa where more than 1,000 counterfeit boxes of Xerox-branded toner cartridges and authentication labels were confiscated by Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs). In Londrina, Xerox, along with other OEMs, seized more than 1,800 boxes of counterfeit Xerox products, including security labels and product identification materials.
  • The confiscation of nearly 1,000 boxes of Xerox counterfeit products in Turkey; the raid was conducted on behalf of Xerox and other OEMs.
  • The conviction of a Baltimore man sentenced for 26 years for stealing and selling $55,000 worth of Xerox consumables.

Xerox has assembled a worldwide team consisting of brand protection, corporate security and legal to combat counterfeit activities; the company also cooperates with other OEMs, along with local law enforcement, customs and excise agencies.

Ways to avoid counterfeit products

Buyers can avoid counterfeit products and supplies by purchasing directly from Xerox or authorized Xerox resellers. Another safeguard is to look for authentication labels. For example, Xerox products have a holographic security label with a unique serial number and barcode. If counterfeit distributors tamper with labels or remove them, consumers should inform Xerox of the purchasing source.

Report suspicious activity to Xerox Corporate Security

Call: 0044 (0) 1707 353250